The complete history of naked dress from 1960 to today


Nowadays, most celebrities walk on the red carpets and any other award ceremony by covering their bodies with the latest trends. And, the term latest trend means the “Naked Dress Trend” in today’s era. We cannot say that covering half bodies started recently, as it has been in talks for the past three-five decades.

Fashion is all about going back and forth to the time. If you are so concerned about the styles, you might be into the 90’s fashion currently, as it has been trendy wear all over the world. Mainly, Hollywood models and actresses have modified the 90’s dressing style into the next level.

Likewise, the supermodels like Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid have given the best justification to the evergreen trend, i.e., naked dress. Not only them but Love The Way You Lie’s singer, Rihanna, I Ain’t Your Mama’s singer Jenifer Lopez and several others have flaunted their figure in sheer and Shatin transparent clothes.

How Did Hollywood Stars Flaunt Their Body In Naked Outfit From 1960’s -1999?

Marilyn Monroe

Let me take you back to the era when the idol of idols, Marilyn Monroe, stunned everyone including then-president, John F.Kennedy in 1962. It was not her first time breaking the dressing culture, even in the 1960s. Monroe became the center of attention among many looking through dresses when she took over the stage to sang John a Merry Birthday by wearing a tight sheered gown.  

Marilyn Monroe wishing then-president John F. Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe wishing then-president John F. Kennedy a "Happy Birthday" in 1962. (Source:

Marilyn succeeded in walking in such a masterpiece. Yes, the dress is still said to be one of the epic designs as it had about 2500 rhinestones embedded on it. And the most surprising secret is, the designer sewed the gown on her body to make it look perfect. Also, people came to know that Monroe attended the ceremony by going commando.

Tina Turner

Similarly, in the late 1970s, Tina Turner became the talk of the town when she performed in a red-sequin dress. Since then, she is known as the Queen of Sequins.

Tina Turner on one of her shows

Tina Turner on one of her shows in 1975. (Source:

Well, Turner really turned fashion into a different level. The dress which she worn can only be showcased by few beauties. It is so because to show the parts of a body; one has to be confident enough. However, in recent days, half of the stars find it comfortable to go commando in public. Isn’t it fascinating?

Kate Moss

Now, let’s move on the Kate Moss. Do you know that Kate created a buzz back in 1993 when she made a public appearance in a fully sheered dress? She displayed the dress in the simplest and the intimidating way. The actress only wore a black undergarment beneath, which attracted many eyes for being such a daring diva.

Kate Moss attending an event

Kate Moss attending an event in 1993 (Source:

Moss’s iconic dress was designed by a designer named Liza Bruce. It was the shiny silvered-slip dress. This is still in fashion, though.


Jennifer Lopez

The 90’s fashion didn’t end there as designers couldn’t let go of all those eye-catching styles. In 2000, Jennifer Lopez, AKA J-Lo, wowed every photographer and person when she walked the red carpet for the Grammy in a green floral Versace dress. The way she showed off in that half-naked and full see-through dress drew attention worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez at Grammy Awards

Jennifer Lopez at Grammy Awards in 2000. (Source:

Indeed, even Google’s president praised it as it was one of the most searched images in Google at that time.

Similarly, Jennifer has exhibited numerous naked dresses throughout the years. For example, in 2015’s Met Gala, she rocked the red Versace gown with side cutouts and a snake-like dragon design on her front body. 

Jennifer Lopez at Met Gala
Jennifer Lopez at 2015’s Met Gala. (Source: Bustle)

I am assuming that you already know Hollywood is all about the latest fashion and design. If one starts the trend, then almost everyone picks up that fashion for a longer time. Or we can say that there is no way to end it for good. 


The fashion icon Rihanna is famous for her record-breaking and eye-capturing fashion sense. In 2014, the singer attended the CFDA in a sheer dress, showcasing her nipples. The dress had about 230,000 Swarovski crystals and was designed by none other than Adam Selman. 

Rihanna at CFDA

Rihanna at CFDA in 2015. (Source:

Even this appearance became the breaking contents for every media. There were numerous headlines, and “Rihanna goes naked” topped all of them.


Likewise, the one and only Beyonce drew attention at 2015’s Met Gala on her naked Givenchy dress. The gown had a strategic crystal that covered the crucial parts of such a diva. The back part of the gown touched the ground, which gave a royal dress vibe.

Beyonce at Met Gala

Beyonce at 2015's Met Gala. (Source: Bustle)

At that time, Beyonce also proved that the simple high ponytail could give a perfect look.

Kendall Jenner

The supermodel Kendall Jenner comes in the top list of rocking such dresses for the latest styles. Cannes Film Festival is all about displaying the perfect dress. And our sensational model has not failed in drawing attention in such ceremony till date. In 2016, Kendall posed in Cavalli Couture’s black sheer dress at the Cannes.

Kendall Jenner appears at Cannes Film Festival

Kendall Jenner appears at Cannes Film Festival in 2016. (Source: Bustle)

Further, in 2018, Kendall was seen enjoying the Chopard Party at the Cannes Film Festival in the mini sparkly naked dress. Though she displayed her nipples, she was wearing a nude undergarment beneath the dress. 

Kendall Jenner attending Chopard Party

Kendall Jenner attending  Chopard Party at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. (Source:

In 2018’s Cannes Film Festival, Jenner captured every photographer’s eyes by walking the red carpet in a white-tiered-sheer dress with a thick white belt around her perfect waistline. Schiaparelli Haute Couture designed it for the winter collection. 

Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival

Kendall Jenner gives a pose at 2018's Cannes Film Festival. (Source:

In the same way, the supermodel made her presence at the 2020’s Vanity fair in black -naked-gown. She went commando in this dress, which showed the side butts covering only the front and back parts. She just ate the dressing concept that night.

Rita Ora

Almost everyone’s favorite, Rita Ora, is also on the list of wearing a naked dress. In 2015, she showed her half body in Donna Karan’s black mesh gown. 

Rita Ora strikes a pose at Vanity Fair

Rita Ora strikes a pose at 2015's Vanity Fair. (Source:

By looking at her that day, we became sure that she was all for showing side butt rather than side boobs.

Rita Ora at MTV Video Music Awards

Rita Ora at 2018’s MTV Video Music Awards. (Source:

Again, in 2018’s MTV Video Music Awards, she wore a Jean Paul Gaultier’s black-patterned sheer dress.

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Bella Hadid

Well, how can we forget Bella Hadid’s silver beaded sheer gown in 2016’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’s after-party? The former Victoria’s Secret with Angel showed off her body in Julien Macdonald’s silver dress. She paired the gown with a nude thong and Messika’s jewelry.

Bella Hadid at Victoria's Secret Fashion

Bella Hadid strikes a pose at 2016’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’s after-party. (Source:

Later in AMFAR Gala at the 2018’s Cannes Film Festival, Bella wore a Ralph & Russo’s ice princess dress.

Bella Hadid at Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid shows her outfit at 2018's Cannes Film Festival. (Source:

The outfit that Hadid displayed at Cannes Film Festival in 2018 was created in three hours.