90 Day Fiance’s Patrick Mendes & Thais: Pregnant With Baby Number One?

Patrick Mendes and Thais

Patrick Mendes is the new cast of the TLC’s reality show 90 Day Fiance Season 9 which premiered on 17 April 2022. Patrick Mendes is a Texas boy who appears with his Brazillian partner Thais on the 90 Day Fiance.

As seen in the recent episodes Patrick and Thais are staying together in the US after Thais arrived in the US for the first time on a K-1 visa.

The two have several issues to deal with in their relationship including Patrick’s unresolved past and the fact that Patrick’s brother lives with him.

However, the fans anticipate that they might be a promising couple as they have a genuine relationship which forged slowly with time.

90 Day Fiance fans are eager to find out more about Patrick Mendes and his relationship with Thais. Let’s find out about Patrick and his fiance Thais and whether are they still together even after the show.

Who is Patrick Mendes?

Patrick is an American national living in Austin, Texas. He is 31 years old as of 2022 and once aspired to become a weightlifter.

He also almost went to the 2016 Summer Olympics but he had to give up his aspiration as he tested positive for steroids.

Patrick Mendes
Patrick Mendes in 2010 and in 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Patrick’s family’s details are not out and neither he has shared anything about his family. What we know is he has a brother who lives with him as seen in the TLC show.

Patrick Mendes' Past Relationships

Well, Mendes has revealed that he is divorced. Before crossing paths with the lady of his life (whom we will be talking about beneath), the TV personality had fallen for another woman in the gym.

Both being weightlifters, fell for each other, and Mendes wife her up way too soon.

But, unsaid consequences parted their ways and in January 2020, the two filed for a divorce. 

He also mentioned that he has some unresolved issues with his ex-wife which might be an obstacle in his new relationship. However, he has not revealed anything about his ex-wife in the show.

The further information remains private yet an unsolved mystery. The fans are curious but the answers are yet to be unleashed publicly. 

But, now, he lives with no regrets as he shares an impeccable bond with his better half. So, who is she?

Patrick Mendes And Thais In 90 Day Fiance

Patrick shared in 90 Day Fiance that he met his girlfriend when he traveled to Brazil to connect with his father. Thais is a 25-year-old Brazillian model whom he met on a dating app.

He said that he was happy as he picked Thais for their first date because Thais is the hottest girl he has ever met. Ever since he had been traveling back and forth to meet his Brazillian beauty any time he can.

Patrick explained that the two were in love and he finally proposed to Thais after dating for 11 months and she said ‘Yes’. Patrick And Thais In 90 Day Fiance.

Soon after the proposal, Patrick and Thais both applied for a K-1 visa and Thais finally arrived in the United States for the first time as we saw in 90 Day Fiance.

The two have been a most loved and promising couple by the fans as they seem to have something real going on.

The recent episodes revealed that they have some differences to sort out. Along with their cultural, lifestyle, and family differences, Patrick also has some unresolved issues from past relationships.

On top of that Thais seemed quite uncomfortable with the fact that Patrick’s brother lives with them. The upcoming episodes will surely reveal if they sort out these issues and where they stand in their relationship.

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Patrick and Thais Get Married

The couple exchanged their vows on August 8, 2022, and made their photographs online where the duo looked happy and great together. Patrick wore a blue tuxedo while Thais wore an elegant white gown. 

The two got married within a close circle but the moments they cherished together were later publicized.

After dating for a certain while, the couple bound themselves into the purest form of a relationship after getting married.

But, their happiness does not end here, it amplifies, as the couple share the news on expecting a baby together. 

Patrick Mendes and Thais Are Soon-To-Be Parents

Well, the just married couple recently made it to their Instagram handles to announce that they are soon going to be parents.

The couple had a sonogram picture held it together and showed it to the world that there is going to be a new member added to their clan. 

They are seen sharing pictures with each other on Instagram and seem to be going strong. Patrick and Thais are seen as very committed and happy with each other's company and we hope we get to see their little one real soon. 

How Much is Patrick Mendes' Net Worth?

Patrick makes enough money that allows him to travel to Brazil back and forth. After leaving behind his weightlifting career he started a business with hole alarm systems.

He is a general manager of Vivint Smart Home and has been working there since 2013. He has an estimated net worth of above $300 thousand by 2022. 

The personality also seems to be working on upcoming projects. You can stay tuned to his social media handle to garner furthermore information about him.