Everything About Alex Choi Viral Tesla Stunt, Early Life, Car Collections, Net Worth

Alex Choi

Alex Choi as a Youtuber is a very passionate person regarding his caring and customizing cars. He has owned several luxurious cars which is the dream of many racers and ordinary people. It has been about 5 years, the content creator has been uploading videos on the youtube platform. He describes himself as "biggest automotive hijinks".

Alex Choi Wiki, Age, Family, Early Life

Alex Choi, The Youtuber was born on 25 October 1999. He was celebrating his 22 birthday in Seoul, South Korea where he was born. His age is 23 years old as of 2022. In his childhood, he had moved to Los Angeles, California from Seoul. Alex Choi's birth sign is Scorpio. He holds the citizenship of both countries South Korea where he was born and the United States where he is currently living.


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Taking about his family, he hasn't revealed anything regarding his family members and siblings. According to his lifestyle and background, he must be from a wealthy family who had initially supported him to buy these expensive cars.

He had once talked about his mother's Mercedes-Benz-S- class was crashed by him when he was just 16. Alex Choi is a handsome tall looking guy with having a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.72m). He has an approx weight of 60kg and looks thin.

Is Alex Choi Dating And Married to Someone?

Alex Choi being secretive in this question hadn't revealed anything regarding his married or dating life. However, he assumes that he is single and not married to anyone in 2022. No rumors regarding his dating life and personal life have been found to date. 

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Alex Choi Career, Car Collections, And Net Worth

Alex has started his journey of racing on youtube in July 2017 after uploading the "Fiat 500e DRIFT CAR build" video on the platform. Since the initial face, a massive number of people have been engaging towards his video and following him. He also had run an Instagram account since 2016 starting publishing fancy automobile-related content on Instagram. During his initial career in 2018, he was also arrested due to an illegal stunt show and due to Overspeed of the car.

After uploading his video about "Lamborgini Launch Control", he got his maximum number of fame where he had succeeded to get over 10 Million views. Alex Choi was inspired by the movie "Fast and Furious 6" for making extreme modifications to his Lamborghini Huracan that he always loved showing most of the time. the upgrading was not only loved by himself but also loved by his audience and others which made him quite popular.

He also got popular in 2022 from the video "Jumping a Tesla" which is about the 10 minutes video viewed by 2 Million people on Youtube and also was widely shared on Twitter after the video got uploaded. The car belongs to David Dobrik who is the famous youtube having 18.3 Million Subscribers.


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Alex is also an owner of a magnificent car collection that includes Audi Rs7 ($114,000), BMW M7 ($86,800), McLaren 720s ($299,000), Tesla Model X ($80,000), Lamborghini Huracan ($351,000).

He also had a lot of sponsors, who give a good amount of money for his influence. Alex Choi had an estimated Net worth of $830,000 including his all assets and cars.

Alex Choi Social Media

Alex Choi is very active on social media, as he also does influencing marketing and shares videos, reels, photos regarding his luxurious collection on his social media.

He has gained 988k followers on his Instagram as of 2022. Alex Choi has more 774K than subscribers on his Youtube account.