Alex Wagner’s Husband: A Political Advisor to Barack Obama? Who Is He?

Alex Wagner with her husband

 Life gets purposeful and worth living once a person starts cherishing every tiny bit of life. Alex Wagner is one such woman who falls under the same category. She values every bit of her life and keeps her feet going while combatting all the adversities in life. 

Alongside a resilient personality trait and a well-established career, she has also ensured to manage her personal life. Further in this article, we will also be talking about her relationship status while encircling updates about her husband, and a lot more.

But, let us dive into a brief description of Wagner.

Alex Wagner Wiki, Age

On November 27, 1977, this dexterous lady stepped into the world. She was raised and nurtured in Washington D.C., United States of America. Wagner is a daughter to parents, Tin Swe Thant, and Carl Wagner.

Her mother is an immigrant from Yangon, whereas her father descends of German and Irish descent. So, Wagner's original ethnicity can be termed as Luxembourger and Irish descent.

Therefore, she is a mixed child. Despite the differences, the family is built up with perfection and grace. Wagner was raised as a woman filled in with conviction and enthusiasm to learn. 

Moreover, she is an amiable personality who graced personally, academically, and professionally. Today, she has established herself as one of the most renowned authors and journalists. Her accomplishments include an Epic Quest, a book she wrote, that was marked as a good read to many.

Even her parents descend from a pretty academic background. Wagner's father worked as a political consultant who is also recognized as the co-chair of Bill Clinton's campaign.

Descending from quite of political background, she chose her partner who comes from a similar descent. 

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Alex Wagner's Husband

Love is an ethereal chapter of life that crosses the path of every individual life. Wagner too paved her path toward the love of her life, her husband, Sam Kass, whom she landed her eyes upon over a decade ago. The two got married while walking down the aisle with their hands clenched together on August 20, 2014. 

Kass is a political advisor who also works as a chef. An intellectual husband, with a loving personality, who excels at cooking, what else does a wife expect from her husband other than this?

Alex Wagner with her husband, Sam Kass
Alex Wagner with her husband, Sam Kass (Image Source: Favebites)

Wagner's accomplishments are also inclusive of working as a political advisor to President Barack Obama. Both husband and wife have their life glistened with immense enthusiasm and dedication. Obama even attended their wedding.

Both belonging to academic backgrounds is also the reason behind their mutual understanding remaining intact. With such sort of understanding and love for each other, they have embellished their lives while introducing two blessings into their journey, their children named Cy Kass, born in 2017, and Rafael, 2019. 

Overviewing the qualities enriched in the married couple, we can assume that they have been raising their offspring to value their culture, live with glory, and have perseverance in every step of life.


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Wagner so far is a brilliant author, journalist, mother, and exemplary model to women. She has been inspiring millions with her iconic personality and achievements.

Alex Wagner's Empowering Personality

We talk about success, resilience, and confidence, but Wagner lives with all of these traits. Whether it be her personal or professional life, she has set the aromatic essence where she does not just flourish alone but helps the others shine along too. 

She believes in helping others grow too. This selfless nature of her has always been her greatest personality trait. In one of the interviews with Glamour magazine, she was questioned about her career advice to people. 

There, she gave an empowering answer. She stated

Push out the door, go do it, don’t be scared. If you want it and you’re prepared to work when you get there, there should be nothing stopping you.

Her statements themselves generalize how much of a powerful lady she is. People look up to her as a role model for a reason. With an iconic personality as such, she also bags a hefty net worth.

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Alex Wagner's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Wagner has a net worth of around $3 million with a monthly salary of $600 thousand. This shows how much of an accomplished and valued writer and journalist she is.

Wagner is an icon for a reason. Whether it be her talks, deliverance, writing, or presenting, she ensures to nail every aspect of life. We would not be wrong to term her a perfectionist.