Meet Allie Lutz’s Husband, Keegan Rosenberger: How Many Kids Do They Have?

Allie Lutz & Keegan Rosenberger

Netflix's new reality show Buying Beverly Hills has already aired, and people love the show. One of their cast members is Allie Lutz. Lutz is a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. She is widely known for her work and is one of the industry's most dynamic luxury real estate agents.

The 37-years-old is well-connected in the celebrity world. So, she is no stranger to the camera as she has already appeared in some television shows. When she appeared in Buying Beverly Hills on November 4, people got curious about her personal life.

So, if you are one of the curious fans who want to know about Lutz's love life, keep reading till the end.

Who Is Allie Lutz's Husband, Keegan Rosenberger?

Well, Allie Lutz has been in a marital relationship with her husband Keegan Rosenberger, who serves as the co-founder and CEO of Calvary Media. They have reportedly been married for over five years, and their married life is still going well.

Talking about their first meeting, online sources claim that Lutz and her husband knew each other in high school. So, it is reported that they have been together since high school. After being in a relationship for some years, the duo thought of taking their relationship to the next level. And the twosome got engaged in the year 2013.

Later, the pair got married, but there is not much info about their marriage as both of them have kept the information secret. Furthermore, Lutz and her husband often post their snaps on social media, and we can find Lutz active on Instagram as @allielutz. Moreover, their married life is not only the people's concern as fans want to know if the duo has kids or not.

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How Many Kids Does Allie Lutz Have With Her Husband?

Allie Lutz and her husband Keegan Rosenberger have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for many years. So, being married for many years, they have also started their own family. Lutz and her husband are blessed with three kids; all daughters named Scottie, Georgie, and Teddie.

The pair became parents for the first time in 2017. And the family of the three increased when they welcomed another child in April 2019. Likewise, they became parents for the third time after giving birth to their third child on October 4, 2021.

The family of five lives together, and we can get updated on their life by following Lutz on Instagram. Meanwhile, Lutz had an affair in the past. So, let's explore her previous relationship and breakup.

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More on Allie Lutz's Past Relationship

As said earlier, Allie Lutz was in a relationship with her then-boyfriend named, Doug Reinhardt. They were reported to be high school sweethearts. It is unknown when they began dating, but reports show that the former pair got engaged on January 6, 2013.

Doug proposed to Allie in Anguilla that they rented for New Year's. We can also see their snaps easily on the internet. Despite being engaged, they were not able to continue their relationship. So, the pair later chose the path of breakup.