Allison Dunbar Married! Who Is Her Husband? What Is Their Age Difference?

Allison Dunbar

Allison Dunbar is a popular actress who came to rise after playing the role of Kelly in the TV show Start-Up. Besides being an actress, she has also flourished herself as a dancer, celebrity spouse, and entrepreneur. 

The actress has recently married the love of her life. Her husband and her marital life are the main topics of discussion among her fans.

Allison Dunbar’s Wiki and Age

Allison Dunbar was welcomed to this world on July 3, 1972, in Delaware, USA. She is fifty years old as of 2022. The actress is 5ft. 7inches tall.

Dunbar's mother is Wendy Barron and her father is Timothy Barron. She also has a brother named Christopher Barron and she is also rumored to have a sibling sister but no information related to it is seen. 

Allison Dunbar
Allison Dunbar (Image Source: Instagram)

Dunbar moreover appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows. Some of their movies and shows by her are Quick Draw, 2 Broke Girls, Start-Up, and others as well. The talented actress has won many awards and achievements.

Allison Dunbar's Husband

Allison Dunbar tied the knots with Ron Perlman officially in Francis Ford Coppola's Residence, palazzo, and Margherita in Bernalda, Italy. They walked down the aisle on 28 June 2022.

The couple also got their marriage license in California by following all Italian ceremonies and rituals in California Courthouse.

Ron came to popularity after marking his presence in a pretty talked-about Hollywood movie, Hello Boy. 

After getting married people’s curiosity and questions shifted to the age difference that exists between Dunbar and Perlman.


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Allison Dunbar and Ron Perlman’s Age Difference

Dunbar and Perlman have shown the world that love may happen to anybody at any age. As per the data for 2022, the actor is seventy-two years old and the actress is fifty years old. They have a total of twenty-three years age gap.

After dating each other for a few years they did get married while exchanging vows of promises together. They proved to the world that love has no age boundaries if you have true intentions regarding it.

However, they did have some past relationships that did not work well. Both of them moved on from a pretty serious relationship where both had children to their ex-partners too. 

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Allison Dunbar and Ron Perlman’s Ex-Partner and Children

Dunbar has a daughter who is named Erin from her ex-husband who was Sean O'Donnell. There is not much information published regarding this topic.

Perlman also has two children from his ex-wife Opal Stone Perlman. They were married for thirty-two years from 1981-2019. They gave birth to one son named Brandon Avery Perlman and a daughter named Blake Amanda Perlman. Due to some problems between the couple, Perlman filed a case for divorce against his wife and was legally divorced. 

The actor pays $12,500 per month to his ex-wife as perpetuity. He also covers over $40,000 of legal fees and pays twenty percent of his Gross Income annually.

Right now Dunbar and Perlman seem to be happy with each other and living their life to the fullest with love as per photos the couple post on Instagram and other social media.

Dunbar and Perlman are living their life happily after going through a lot of difficulties and struggles in their past. They can manage their relationships, work, and many other responsibilities as parents to their children as well. Proving that love has no boundaries, couples are seen enjoying themselves being in love.