Amanda Kloots Talks About Grieving Ex-Husband’s Death and How She Tackles It. But Is She Dating Anyone?

Amanda Kloots with her late-husband Nick Cordero

Just two years after the death of her husband Nick Cordero, Amanda Kloots explained her idea of living life to the fullest, even after the tragic loss of her closest member. 

Since the pandemic outbreak, the world was shaken and many of us had to face tragic loss and mental deformities. While few like Amanda Kloots lost more than we could imagine. Let us know how this incredible woman found peace and raised their son. 

Amanda Kloots: Wiki, Age

Amanda Kloots is an American television personality, dancer, and fitness instructor. She was born on March 19, 1982. Since then, she has been a co-host of the daytime talk show The Talk

Kloots is the second youngest child among her siblings and attended GlenOak High School in Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio. Currently, she is 39 years old and the dancer has made her way and single-handedly managed both her professional and personal life. 

The TV host and “Dancing With The Stars” has put herself out in such a traumatic event but she has made sure to give her love, attention, and parenting values to her son. When everyone else was giving her suggestions on moving on with her life, well she had her own ways of dealing with her loss and struggles. 

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Amanda Kloots Life With Nick Cordero

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero met in New York City while they were performing for the same show, “Bullets over Broadway”. The duo quickly shared their first glimpses and fell for each other. Soon after their dating, the couple got married and soon had their son together. 

But, sadly, an unfortunate event took place when Nick got sick with the virus. Cordero, a Broadway star, was infected with COVID-19 at the very beginning of the pandemic. Kloots also shared updates on his four-month-long battle with the virus.


Just as the pandemic was taking a high road, especially in the US, they had moved from New York to Los Angeles in mid-March, when Cordero started to feel sick. 

Amanda recalls how she watched her then-husband, Cordero, walked into the Cedars-Sinai Hospital and he never ever came back. She had also shared daily updates on Cordero’s health to when it drastically changed when Cordero was put on a ventilator. 

Soon, Cordero had to face death and was a complete shock and an alarm to many netizens that a healthy, young man with no prior bad health conditions died as he caught the virus. 

Amanda Kloots’s Coping Mechanism for the Loss

It is quite evident that Amanda had to go through a lot in the phase after her husband’s death. She recalls staying creative and busy to get her mind off the incident. Later the year, she also joined CBS “The Talk” as a co-host and competed in season 30 of “Dancing With The Stars”. 

And Kloots have also written a book and soon-to-be movie titled “Live Your Life” which was a tribute to her husband. The book was named after a song that was written by Cordero himself. Later, the song became like an anthem to her after Cordero’s death. 


She is quietly still mourning over the death of Cordero and seems like it she has it all together. The tragedy of course thrust her into pieces but she has come out to be as strong as ever. 

Kloots saddens by the thought of missing having someone to come home to and miss laughing with somebody. As she grieves the journey, she says loss, death, and grief does not stop. 

Kloots and Cordero together have a son, Elvis, who was just 1 year old when the news fell out. But, Kloots have managed to raise their child all by herself.  Read more: Devery Jacobs: What Is Her Sexuality? Is She Dating Someone?

Amanda Kloots Addresses Dating Michael Allio

Kloots is setting the headlines straight as she was speculated to be dating Michael Allio. The duo sparked the rumors last December when Amanda Klots shared a photo of herself looking quite cozy with the “Bachelorette” alum. 


While she was always vocal about wanting to have someone’s back and as a support system, especially after such a tragic incident. She also confesses that being a single parent and a widow is not an easy job, and it is very wonderful to always meet new people in life. 

For her, Michael Allio is the one. It was very terrifying for her to be alone and never have someone to hug and spend some time with. 

She also addressed in many interviews that she loves falling in love and being in a nice and happy relationship. Like everyone else, she also longs for a complete, joyful, and fulfilling family.