Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood’s Life as a Single Mother! Is She Involved in a Relationship?

Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood is a popular American actress and a television personality. She was seen in some television shows on MTV series such as 16 and pregnant and a teen Mom.

She had a committed relationship with famous personality Dimitri Garcia. They came more into popularity after separating their ways from each other. The couple has given birth to their children and later separated due to some personal issues.

There are many rumors regarding their reason for separation and their current status and relationships.

Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood’s Relationship Status

The dating news between Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood started spreading in December when it was known that the couple started talking to each other on social media.

The couple talked to each other for a few months and dated each other but it is said that they never met each other.

When it comes to topics about parents, there were a lot of similarities between Garcia and Portwood. They both were single parents to their children. He was a single father of two children from his ex-girlfriend and Portwood was a single mother to her one child from her ex-boyfriend.

After the separation of the couple, there are a lot of questions asked to them about the reason for their separation.

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Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood’s Reason For Separation

"The Teen Mom OG" parted ways with her Belgian boyfriend due to a literal communication gap they faced due to the pandemic. They could not go on dates or meet each other due to a global shutdown. The last time Dimitri met his girlfriend was a few months back before covid in 2019. 

Eventually, as meet-ups declined, and gaps increased, misunderstandings entered the space and that is how things went wrong. They started getting involved in fights and finally got decisive on ending a relationship that had started to get toxic. 

People were curious about the couple's still together but unfortunately, they considered that the best way of settling things up would be to just simply break up. 

So as both of them had children of their own, the main question comes on the impact they caused on their little kids. 

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 Amber Portwood’s Ex-Partners and Children

 Amber Portwood gave birth to her two children with her ex-partners.

The person she shares her children with is her, ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. She was expecting a baby with her boyfriend Glennon and finally brought her son into this world on 8 May 2018 who was named James Andrew Glennon.

Portwood was only sixteen years old while she was dating her ex-boyfriend Grey Shirley and was only eighteen years old while she was expecting her first baby. She gave birth to her first baby Leah Lenn Shirley on November 8, 2008. 

Reports suggest that the reason behind her split with Glennon was her abusive behavior. She reportedly went harsh on him with violence and that was beyond tolerable.

Later, "The Teen Mom OG" was also arrested for charges of domestic violence.

After being released, the teen mom got later engaged to Matt Baier. They were very close to their wedding which was later called off due to their personal issues in the relationship.

After paving their paths apart, that is when Portwood came across Dimitri Garcia. But, that too did not last much. So, now her fans are wondering if she has gotten a new boyfriend these days. 

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood with her daughter (Image source: US Weekly )

Is Amber Portwood Dating Someone?

Well, for now, Portwood has not made anything public regarding her seeing or dating someone. The teen mom is speculated to be single now and is reportedly not in any sort of a relationship. 

She has been taking care of her children, watching them grow, and adding a new definition to life while focusing on herself. 


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