Who Is Andrés Tovar, The Scandal Of Maite Perroni's Relationship

Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress, songwriter as well as a singer. She has recently made the announcement that she is dating Andrés Tovar. Their relationship has been highly controversial with the accusation of infidelity and cheating. 

After weeks of silence, both of them seem ready to explain their sides of the story. On 21 October, both of the two posted the exact same picture with the same caption. Their caption attempted to explain what had happened and how they dealt with it.


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Maite and Andrés Scandal Explained 

The scandal began when Claudia Martín, the wife of Andrés noticed that her husband was being distant from her. According to Claudia Martín, she had noticed that her then partner's cell phone was ringing too much. Hence she checked the screen and discovered that the person who was writing to him was scheduled as Maite P.

Andres and Claudia

Andres and Claudia at their wedding (Source: Remonews)

This happened in the middle of this year. Her suspicion apparently sparked a heated argument between the two and ended with Andrés confirming that he indeed had an extra-marital relationship with Maite Perroni. Claudia and Andres were only a few months away from their two-year marriage at the time.

Maite with Andres

Andres with now-partner Maite (Source: Newsylist) 

Claudia immediately took her Instagram account to report on the unfaithful action. This captured the attention of her fans and started a scandal. Her speaking up angered Maite and she threatened to sue her if she continued to defame her.

Amidst the controversy, the former partner of Maite was also accused of having leaked the information about the infidelity. The singer Cristián Daniel Stambuk Sandoval better known as Koko was her former partner. Later he tried to deny the accusation.

Andrés exhibited a private conversation with Claudia in those months. The audio of their conversation was published on the Ventaneando program. In the recording, Claudia was heard saying that she would come out to deny the matter of infidelity only if he supported her in her career.

Claudia and Andres

Andres And Claudia (Source: Whos Dated Who )

He also explained that his various tweets about infidelity were about a soap opera and not his personal situation. Claudia explained that the conversation was just an agreement about the unfortunate way of falling out of love that they were living.

Claudia and Andrés were got divorced in August 2021. They signed a document where they denied the supposed monetary agreement leaked in the audio.

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Maite Perroni Bio

Maite Perroni was born on 9 March 1983 in Mexico City to her parents. Her full name is Maite Perroni Beorlegui. She was brought up in Guadalajara. Her family moved back to Mexico City after she turned 12.

She grew up with two younger brothers, Adolfo and Francisco. The actress is currently living in Los Angeles, California. She was in a relationship with Chilean musician and producer Koko Stambuk for seven long years from 2013. 

Maite dated Andres right after her long-term relationship ended. She is a popular actress with 9.7 million followers on her Instagram.

Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni Relationship

Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni started to date in June 2021 according to a few sources. Andrés was still married to Claudia Martin at the time.

It was only on 20th October that Maite finally confirmed her romantic relationship with Andrés Tovar publicly. Andres wrote in the publication:

 We have been friends for 20 years and this year we found that we were living the same process: each one was in mourning for having ended a romantic relationship 

Maite And Andres

Source: Lighthome

Fans and Internet users are not taking this very well. Some of them took this as a cynical attitude and went against the actress for snatching somebody else's husband, Meanwhile, few others said that the only person responsible for the infidelity was Andrés Tovar.

In their recent captions, they have explained the hardships they went through and the humiliation they had to face, Both of them have turned off the comments on their posts most likely to avoid criticisms. 

Andrés Trovas Bio

Andrés Tovar was born on 3rd September 1993 making him 39 years old as of October 2021. He is a Mexican producer and director by profession. In recent years, he has made his appearances in a number of films.


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He owns an audiovisual company that creates independent programs for a variety of television networks. Andres was also a part of ABC's version of Ugly Betty. He was in charge of many television productions in the United States as well.

.He got married to his former wife actress Claudia Martin in 2019.