Andrey Korikov and Mikhaila Peterson File a Divorce? What Went Wrong?

Andrey Korikov with his ex-wife and daughter

 A Russian soviet rower, Andrey Korikov, is recognized as one of the most successful rowers who has marked his performances in a plethora of contests including the Olympics.

His story came to the spotlight ever since he got married to Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of Jordan Peterson. Well, Mr. Peterson is a renowned Canadian psychologist, author, leader, and YouTuber.

Mr. Peterson is cherished for his impeccable accomplishments but Korikov is no less. Let us have a quick overview of his story. 

Andrey Korikov's Wiki and Age

Andrey Korikov was born on January 2, 1964, in Russia. As of 2022, the Russian athlete is fifty-eight years old. Nothing relative to his family background or furthermore has been revealed.

Andrey Korikov
Andrey Korikov (Image Source: Ghana News)

Reportedly, he stands at the height of five feet and seven inches. The masculine personality is not just a rower, he is an entrepreneur and a well-acknowledged architect. 

Despite relishing a colossal career, his marital life is reported to have shattered. So, how was the relationship initially between him and Mikhaila Peterson?

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Relationship Between Andrey Korikov and Mikhaila Peterson

The two stayed knotted as husband and wife for a pretty long time. Both of them had relocated themselves to Canada where they were embracing the moments of life. 

Mikhaila Peterson with ex-husband Andrey Korikov and daughter Elizabeth
Mikhaila Peterson with ex-husband Andrey Korikov and daughter Elizabeth (Image Source: Celebritopedia)

The then-married couple had been going through some bitter moments during the three years of their relationship. However, their speculations stated that once they had children of their own things would have sorted out.

Peterson soon became a mother to an adorable daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikov. But, unfortunately, the already strained relationship did not last one bit further. 

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Why Did They Divorce?

Well, Peterson being an immensely private person when it comes to speaking up about her personal life once shocked the world as she opened up on her social media regarding their divorce. 

Being the daughter of such a famous personality has also aided her in setting a milestone of over 400k subscribers on her personal YouTube channel. So, via such platforms, she mentioned her partition with Korikov.

The exact reason behind a heartbreaking decision as such is yet to be revealed. But, however, while viewing certain aspects it is pretty clear that the then husband and wife duo did not end up on good terms. 

After their divorce, Peterson was asked if she was happy. To that, she replied how her mental health had been deteriorating for the past five years.

Growing up as a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis patient at the age of seven, crossing paths across depression at the age of twelve, and idiopathic hypersomnia by her early twenties, the lady was already facing a lot. 

Despite these certain adversities, she tried to retain the spark in her relationship which consequently failed. However, she is in no way regretful for whatever did happen between her and her ex-husband. 

Probably because this decision of theirs led both of them to peace. Questions are many but as the answers are limited, that is all we have been updated with so far. 

Their followers however are passing questions relative to them being still married. But, that does not seem to be true as both have officially accepted their divorce. 

Have the Partners Moved On After Their Divorce?

Well, not much can be stated about Andrey Korikov but Peterson has already moved on. After her partition with Korikov, she was rumored to have been dating Jordan Fuller. 

All of these were later confirmed when the couple getting engaged hit the Internet. Soon after, the wedding pictures clarifying them getting married went sporadic. 

Peterson had the caption injected with all the love she had bound from within. The "I do" was confirmed and they have been knotted into this beautiful relationship ever since.