After Four Divorces Who Is Anna Shay Dating Now? Her Plans on Getting Married!

Anna Shay

Anna Shay is a socialite, philanthropist, and fashion icon who is one of the wealthiest stars on Netflix's new reality show Bling Empire.

Netflix's Bling Empire is a reality show about a group of mega-wealthy Asians and Asian Americans who live in Los Angeles. Recently, 

On December 31, 1960, Anna Shay was born in California, United States. Anna Shay is 61 years old as of 2022. Anna's nationality is American.

Anna Shay
Anna Shay (image source: Instagram)

Anna Shay's father, Edward Shay, is the founder of Pacific Architects & Engineer, an American defense and government services contractor company. In 1955, he founded the corporation.

He had worked as an engineer in Japan. In 1995, he passed away. Shay was born to a Japanese mother, Ai Oizumi Shay, and a Russian grandpa.

In Tokyo, Japan, she was born on November 26, 1922. Alexander Stephanovich Yahovich was the Russian Ambassador to China and Japan during her grandfather's time.

In 1968, the family relocated from Tokyo to Los Angeles. After WWII, Ai became an entrepreneur, selling silk flowers and pearls. Jun, her first son from her previous marriage, was born in 1948.

Anna and Allen were the couple's two children from her second marriage to Edward Shay. Ai lived in their Hancock Park home until she died. She died quietly at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, on September 23, 2015.

Anna Shay's Divorce and Breakup

Anna has made no secret that she has been married four times and divorced the same number of times, claiming that her divorces from each of her husbands were virtually as pleasant as their marriages.

Information regarding her husband and ex-husband is not detailed.

Surprisingly, everything appears true, especially because there are no public records of any backstabbing or protracted divorce proceedings under Anna's name.

Indeed, this low-key but obscenely rich celebrity and philanthropist has lived up to her image by not even revealing the names of her husbands to the press or curious eyes.

For a woman in her 60s, the 61-year-old appears relatively young. Everyone in her neighborhood admires her. Perhaps she will meet her true soulmate one day and spend the rest of her life with them.

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How Many Kids Does Anna Shay Have?

Anna is the mother of a son from one of her ex-husbands. She adores her son, Kenny is a hardcore cannabis enthusiast. He is the one person Anna does not hide from anything or anyone.

Anna understood that she only had one chance to see the world, and she couldn't do so freely if she acted like it was all a dress rehearsal after giving up nearly a decade of her life to care for him and their family.

Anna Shay with Her Son
Anna Shay with Her Son (Image source: Instagram)

As Kenny grew older, Anna could let go of her inhibitions and learn how to balance the responsibilities of being a mother and a socialite.

And it appears that she performed above and above expectations in both professions. Kenny is currently involved in a serious relationship with Nikki Trivino, whom he has known since roughly 2011.

Also getting divorced from her husband, she was assumed to be gay.

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Is Anna Shay Gay?

Anna Shay's many breakups have led to speculation that she is gay. The sexuality of the Bling Empire star has piqued the interest of the internet. It is proven that the millionaire daughter is not gay.

She is a straight lady. She has been married four times and has divorced all of her husbands. As she has always been connected to men, she cannot be assumed to be gay.


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Anna Shay's Net Worth and Social Media

With a reported net worth of $600 million, Anna Shay is the wealthiest of the Bling Empire cast members.

In 2006, Anna and her brother inherited their dad's shares and sold them for $1.2 billion to Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor.

Following the sale of the company, her net worth increased, making her the series' wealthiest star.

Anna Shay is active on only one social media platform. Anna's social media includes her Instagram page, which has around 467k followers.