Anne Stringfield’s Age Gap With Husband Steve Martin Stuns the World! Are They Still Together?

Steve Martin

Anne Stringfield is one of those names that keep on making an appearance in the limelight for a unique yet beautiful love story of hers. She is the woman, who proved that love has no boundaries or age to cherish.

This beautiful feeling can be cherished with anyone and anytime while keeping the feelings pure. Stringfield has been in the spotlight ever since she started dating a man who is years apart from her.

Beneath, we will cover the aspects relative to her husband, age difference, and more on her personal life. But, before, let us take a dig into Stringfield's briefings a bit. 

Anne Stringfield Wiki, Age

Stringfield was born in 1972, and as of 2022, she is fifty years old. She was born in Pensacola, Florida to parents Dr. James Stringfield and Margo Stringfield. Resources also claim that she has a younger sister. But the name of her sibling is yet to be taken. 

Professionally, Stringfield is a writer and editor. This academic trait indulged in her as both her parents are working professionals. Her mother, Margo, is an archaeologist at the University of Florida, whereas, her father, Dr. James, is a pulmonologist. 

Both, being established working professionals, Stringfield could also excel academically when young. She completed her schooling at Pensacola High School. Likewise, in 1994, she graduated from Davidson College.

Stringfield is an amazing writer who has had her contributions to magazines like the New York Magazine. She also worked as a freelance writer for Vogue back then. 

Professionally or academically, the writer has been excelling in both aspects. Also, her personal life is no less. Stringfield is a very low-key personality in real life, but her audience has always seemed to be pretty much interested when it comes to talking about her personal affairs.

Queries regarding her husband, marriage, and children, keep on hovering around the Internet time and again. However, beneath we will discuss how exactly has the writer been relishing the time of her life alongside.

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Anne Stringfield's Husband

Stringfield walked down the aisle with Steve Martin, a renowned actor, producer, musician, and comedian on July 28, 2007. Their wedding was done secretly without letting the Internet sense anything about it.

The couple tied the knots in the presence of their close family and friends. Reportedly there were about seventy-five guests to have marked their special day.

Breaking the stereotypes, the couple started relishing the flavors of love, while having their hands clenched together. To this date, they are together while marking over a decade of their special day.

A few resources claim, that the couple started dating somewhere around the mid-2000s. Those were the years when the couple landed their eyes upon each other for the very first time.

They met as Stringfield worked as the one who supervised Steve's comedic pieces. She worked as a fact-checker. However, the consequences led them to meet after a year since they got engaged in exchanging phone calls. 

Eventually, they fell in love, and this is exactly how their story flourished further in life. But, as soon as the news of them getting married hit the Internet, critics started showering questions over questions to the newlywed.

They were heavily criticized yet supported by people all around for their age gap. 

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Age Gap Between the Lovers

Love does actually see no boundaries. Steve and Stringfield are set twenty-six years apart by fate, but their hearts met despite the age constraints. Mutual understanding is also another factor that has been binding them together for years.

It has already been over a decade since they got married, but the husband and wife duo are still going strong while pursuing their relationship. With equal efforts and love, the couple also has another member included in their family, their child.

Stringfield gave birth to her significant half in 2012. She was blessed with a daughter named Mary back then. Alongside their little angel, the couple has been fostering immense love and gaiety. 

Steve Martin with wife, Anne Stringfield and daughter, Mary
Steve Martin with wife, Anne Stringfield, and daughter, Mary (Image Source: Closer)

A small family of three that is inclusive of Steve, Stringfield, and their daughter stay reserved with their personal lives. However, the love they have for each other reflects straight on their faces and that is exactly why the audience adores them. All we wish for is to see the couple embellish their life with beautiful memories and love in the same way.