Who Is Annie Chang? Know Her Wiki, Age, Family, Early Life, Relationship

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Actress  Annie is a famous Taiwanese star. She is also nominated for three Golden Horse Awards. She recently got more fame from her Rebirth of Shopping Addict (2019).

Annie Chang Wiki, Early Life, Age, Family

Annie Chang was born on 28th April 1989 in Taichung, Taiwan Currently, her age is 33 years old. She is also a model. Annie Chang is her popular nickname given by her fans showing respect for her while her real name stands for Annie Chen. She was raised by her partners, however, details regarding her parents are still unknown and not revealed. She is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs about 55 kg.

She had talked about her fathers was a profession which was said to be a wholesale frozen poultry business in Taichung. The business went bankrupt in 2010 because of the bird flu virus in that year in Taichung. She had completed her junior school at Catholic High School while she completed secondary studies in Shin Min High School. She had taken and got a graduation in Finance from Kainan University. For her further studies, she had moved to Housing Wu University of Science and Technology, Department of Finance.


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Quick Facts About Annie Chan

Annie Chang Net Worth $2 - $4  Million
Age 33 years old
Date of Birth (DOB) 1989
Place of Birth  Taipei, Taiwan
Height 5ft 5inch
Gender Female
Relationship Julian Barneu
Nationality Taiwanese
Profession Actress

Does Annie Chan is committed Someone? Explore Her Relationship And Personal Life

Annie Chan is a kinda secretive girl who maintained her personal life, family life and, relationship in a separate place. She hadn't revealed anything regarding her boyfriend before valentine.


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 She had wished Julian Barneu on valentine's day posting a story on Instagram and revealing their relationship. There are no details about how they have met or anything about their hook up.

Annie Chang Tv Shows And Movies

Annie chang had started appearing in her movies and tv shows from 2008. She had started her modelling and acting career from The first kaiwo "Phantasy Star" CatwalkGirl contest in 2007. She won the first title of Phantasy Star and started working as a model at the Catwalk Production House from where she is able to get more opportunities that leads to the cover model in a well-known magazine. She is also a host in MV Taiwan which is the music channel.

She got her first fame as an actress from Judy Chou's music video, who was the runner up of One million Star singing talent show. Her first television series was Prince + Princess 2 (2008) where she played the role of Zhao Ke Rou. She had played more than 15 tv series including  Momo Love (2009), In 2010 she played three series Happy and Love Forever, Volleyball Lover, Goodbye. In 2011 Sunny Happiness, Material Queen and Inborn Pair.
Then she played Happy Michelin Kitchen (2012), Love & Now (2013), Love Around (2013), Boysitter (2014), Be With Me (2015), Rock Records in Love - The Last Gentleness (2016), Nie Xiaoqian (2016), Golden Darling (2016), The Long Goodbye (2017), My Goddess (2018), Rebirth of Shopping Addict (2019), and Tears on Fire (2021).

She had also played six moves to the date, she hadn't played any movie since 2019. Her movie's names are Clear Honey Star Experience - Female Version (2011), At This Moment - Love It 2013 (2013), White Lies, Black Lies (2016), Pigeon Tango (2017), More than Blue (2018), and her last movie was Dark Is the Night (2019).

Annie Chang Career And Net Worth

Annie Chang develop her career in movies, series, music videos in 2008, she was able to create a positive message from the movies she played. Her primary source of income is modelling and Movies. It definitely matters about her absence in movies for her income. Annie Chang had an estimated net worth between $ 2 Million - $ Million.

Do Annie Chang Have Social Media?

Yes, Annie chang use social media, she had gained more than 21.2K followers on her Instagram. She also has Twitter that has also the same number of followers as Instagram.