Are Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano In A Bisexual Relationship?

Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano

Anthony Bowens is an American professional wrestle who has signed to All Elite Wrestling. Michael Pavano on the other hand is a well-known YouTube star. They have totally different professions but they have managed to find love in each other.

Anthony is openly gay according to Wikipedia but some of the online reports claim that he is bisexual. Regardless, both of them belong to the LGBTQ community. The two are publicly dating and are very much in love with one another.

The couple was seen coming across a group of gay protestors on 8 December this year. They even shared a passionate kiss in front of the protestors without fear. The news has caused their sexualities and relationships to resurface yet again.

Anthony Bowens And Michael Pavano's Relationship

Anthony Bowens might have taken on some of the most intimidating fighters during his professional wrestling career. But he was not very confident about his sexuality initially. He did not feel comfortable coming out to his fellow wrestlers about his sexuality.

His boyfriend Michael Pavano was a great help to overcome his fear and discomfort. He kept his sexuality under wraps from his family and closest friends for the longest time. He started a romantic relationship with his boyfriend while still keeping his sexuality hidden.

He had even requested his boyfriend Michael to keep their love life a secret. They managed to keep the relationship away from the public eye for a while. But eventually, the truth had to be revealed and it did. Micahel uploaded a YouTube video introducing Anthony as his boyfriend in 2017.

Everyone viewed the video including Anthony's athlete friends. They were supportive of him much to his surprise. He was scared of telling his truth to them but they hyped him up instead of criticizing him like true friends. Coming out turned out to be better than he had previously imagined. 

It also inspired him to come out officially among his well-wishers. He took his Facebook account to announce his long-hidden sexuality:

I turned on my phone, and I read through all the comments that I’d received on the status. And it was overwhelmingly positive

He recalls the emotional moment when he broke down reading the positive messages and comments. Anthony finally felt relieved and happy in his sexuality. It has been four happy years after the announcement. They are happier than ever.

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How Did The Two Meet?

Both Antony Bowens and Michael Pavano agree that their first meeting was very far from a fairytale. They have revealed that it was Anthony who made the first move. He has admitted that he came across Michael one day while scrolling through his Instagram feed.

Anthony immediately found him attractive. But he was very reluctant to reach out to him as he was still closeted at the time. He however left a text on Instagram DM although hesitantly. They had a little conversation during which Anthony found out that Michael had recently patched up with his ex-boyfriend.

In fact, Michael's former boyfriend contacted Anthony and warned him against talking to him at all. He then unfollowed both Micahel and Michael's former boyfriend. Three months later, Michael send Anthony a friend request once again.

He accepted it and began talking. Michael explained that he was in a toxic relationship with his ex-boyfriend and has finally broken up. The two got together soon afterward. Anthony came out as a bisexual after dating him for a while.

He was considered bisexual until 2019. In 2019, Anthony revealed that he was in fact gay and not bisexual meaning that he was attracted to men only and not to women at all. He pictured his future with the man he loved which made him comfortable coming out as gay.

Who Is Michael Pavano?

Michael Pavano was born on 28 May 1994. He is a YouTuber by profession. He is the boyfriend of Anthony Bowens. He rose to fame through his and his boyfriend's YouTube channel. He is recognized for vlogging with his boyfriend.

The two also do challenges and personal discussions on the channel. The two together run the channel collaboratively. The channel is named Michael & Antony which has successfully amassed 210k subscribers as of 2021.

Who Is Anthony Bowens?

Anthony Bowens was born on 18 December 1990 in Nutley, New Jersey. He is a professional wrestler signed to Ali Elite Wrestling. He went to Nutley High school to complete his education. He loved playing baseball and did so for 11 years.

Professional wrestler Santioni Marella had discovered him and his talents. Anthony then went on to get trained under Pat Buck. He started his training in the year 2012 and started playing professionally in the year 2013.