What Is The Net Worth Of Austen Kroll? All About His Business, Family, And Dating Life

Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll is a cast member of the television mash-up show called Winter House. The popular Bravo television show features many stars from Southern Charm and Summer House get-together for the unexpected crossover series.

The star is an entrepreneur as well. Apart from these, he is a renowned craft beer expert. The multi-talented star has intrigued many viewers about his personal life and net worth. Turns out, his success has heightened from his own business to a significant net worth this year.

Austen Kroll Wiki

Austen Kroll is a reality television personality as well as a famous social media influencer. He was born on 16 June 1987 into a well-off family. Yet it didn’t stop the star from putting in efforts to fulfill his own dreams and business ventures.

He was born to his parents Tom Kroll and Wendy Kroll. Austen was brought up along with his sister Katie Kroll. He had an elder sister named Kyle Kroll as well. But she died tragedic death in 1994 falling from a cliff while the Kroll family was away.

The television star flaunts an impressive social media presence. His Instagram account has a total of 527k followers and 500 posts as of November 2021.

Austen Kroll Family

The affluent Kroll family had all sorts of luxury. His father Tom used to work as an FBI agent whereas his mother Wendy was in the software sales business. His family also owns a second home off the coast of Charleston.

He used to vacation in Kiwahah Island, South Carolina with his parents growing up. He had an enormous passion for traveling. Austen has traveled through rocky mountains all the way to New Zealand when he was young. At the age of 18, he was arrested for reckless driving.

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Net Worth And Salary

Austen is estimated to be worth almost $1 million. He used to work as a Territory Sales Manager for Red Hare Brewing Company back in 2014. The company has an average salary of $64 thousand. He made a pretty big fortune for himself from his salary working there. But his parents disapproved of his job. 

He has been in the reality shows like Winter House and Southern Charm. Austen makes $25,000 per episode from television shows like these. He makes approximately $250,000 from a show considering the general rule of 10 episodes per season.

What Is The Business Of Austen Kroll About?

The television star is also the founder of a beer company called Trop Hop Beers. He started off as a salesman encouraging people to try their beer from the bar to bar in Charleston during the time. He finally got to launch his own company in 2019.

The draught and canned beer have a 6.1% Tropical IPA. It was crafted by his brewery Kings Calling Brewing Co and Austin even got its own merch. He is also hosting a podcast named Pillow N’ Beer with co-star and best friend Craig Conover at present.

His official website explains his merch which includes products like shirts, hats, and beer accessories. Many a-times the products of Austin's website are sold out.

Is He dating Someone?

Austen was previously linked to a fellow television star, Chelsea Meissner. The former couple had to break up shorty without any clear reason made available to the fans. He then reportedly started an on-again-off-again relationship with his co-star from Southern Charm, Madison Lecroy.

There has been no information about the beginning of their relationship. Both the stars have kept their lips sealed about their relationship as of now. Fans might have to wait a little longer before Austen makes his dating life public.

Height, Weight, Body Measurement

Austen Kroll stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall. The businessman weighs 72 kg. There has been no information on his body measurement to date. Austen's shoe size also remains undisclosed yet.