Who Is Avori Henderson From The Mole? Facts on Her Married Life, Job, and Net Worth

Avori Henderson

Avori Henderson is an American professional gamer, model, and streamer. She is making headlines on the internet after coming in the new Netflix competition, The Mole, a high-stakes competition that gets 12 players, all working together to complete challenges and add funds to their prize pot.  

Furthermore, Henderson is one of the competitors whose personal goal is to support women in the gaming space. The Mole streams on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on Fridays. So, viewers are curious to know everything about Henderson's personal and professional life, which we've mentioned in today's article.

The Mole: What Is Avori Henderson's Job?

Avori Henderson is one of the competitors of The Mole. She is a former beauty pageant model who has transitioned into a gamer, content developer, and philanthropist. The rising reality tv star left a promising pageantry career to pursue a job in gaming to generate unique content.

Born on May 15, 1996, Henderson's age is 26 years as of 2022. Besides that, Henderson played against 55 males on Team USA in the reality show. Henderson's technique in The Mole examines every player and looks for inconsistencies. 

Back in 2019, Henderson made history by hosting the first all-female PUBG tournament. As an XSET gamer, she also plays with some of the top eSports talents in the world. Moreover, Henderson is represented by the team, creates content for them, and at the time of her deal, was the first female gamer from Ford Models to sign such a huge deal with the company.

Being a multi-talented personality, Henderson has also been able to preserve a decent fortune, and her net worth is gradually growing.

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Avori Henderson's Net Worth in 2022

Avori Henderson makes a good amount of money, and some online portals claim that her net worth is reported to be around $2 million. The rising reality tv star has earned a good profit from her profession of modeling, gaming, streaming, and many more.

As we know, Henderson also had live-streamed, and some cash also came from there. She hosted the first all-female PUBG event in 2019, and the event raised over $100,000 for charities like FredHutch and the Children's Miracle Network. 

So, Henderson amassed sufficient wealth and established a successful career. Moreover, her net worth will surely skyrocket in the future as Henderson is still working actively. Besides her professional life, Henderson has also maintained a healthy life with her husband. Let's take a look at her married life.

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Avori Henderson Is Married to Her Husband

Moving into her married life, Avori Henderson is a married lady, and she lives happily with her husband, David Strib. Her husband is a creative director and filmmaker.

It is unknown when Henderson began dating her husband, but we can assume that they have been together for a long time. It is reported that the duo got engaged in December 2021.

After one year, the pair thought of taking their relationship to the next level and got married on January 3, 2022. Since then, Henderson and her husband have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife.