How Did Belle Madison LeCroy From 'South Charm' Lose Weight? All The Details On Weight Lose Fitness Plan

Belle Madison LeCroy

Madison LeCroy is a television personality and makeup artist. She is recognized as an actress in Southern Charm. She is considered an inspiration to many people when it comes to weight loss and fitness. She has built her own fanbase doing what she loves.

Her routine has encouraged many people to take their baby steps on their weight loss journeys. Her diet plan comprises frequent shifts. This tendency has led to curiosity among her fans. They want to know what her latest diet plan is.


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Madison LeCroy Wiki

Belle Madison Lecroy was born on 6 October 1990 in a place called Greenville located in South Carolina. She has a degree in Hair Design from Carolina College. She is also a proud mother of a son named Hudson. Hudson is 8 years old.

She has maintained her physique beautifully despite being a mother.  She has admitted having an obsession with fitness on more than one occasion. She loves spending extra time at her home. The mother-son duo loves to bake together.

Madison is happy to let her precious son enjoy the mouth-watering food she prepares. Hudson loves brownies and cookies. She has balanced the diet to remain healthy despite the need to cook very often. She believes that moderation is key when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

Madison LeCroy Weight loss

She has created a routine for those who want to lose weight in a healthy manner. Her routine includes a 30-day long clean eating plan. It clarifies what exactly to keep in the refrigerator for eating clean. Her diet majorly focuses on plant-based food.

With such a rigorous and strict plan, she has been able to lose 3 pounds within a few weeks. She was 128.7 pounds before she started the diet but she is currently at 125.6 pounds. Her body fat is also down.

Her customized weight loss plan focuses on medications, herbals, specific diets, various types of exercises, and behavioral techniques. She has got success on her Weight loss journey by following her own diet plan.

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Madison LeCroy Fitness And Diet

We might not be able to wrap our minds on how important it is for her to stay fir after becoming a mother. She obviously tries to stay as healthy as possible as a fitness freak. Her weight loss diet sharply emphasizes protein Veggies and healthy fats.

She suggests her fans to stay away from dairy, artificial sugars, and Alcohol as they are detrimental to fitness. Madison herself avoids alcohol, carbs, and sugar at all costs. She has also given a glimpse of her fridge to demonstrate what should be eaten. Her fridge is seen jam-packed with eggs, greens, vegetables, and fruits that contain natural carbs and sugars.

She eats healthy protein-packed meals for her lunch and dinner. Tuna on a bed of lettuce and lemon chicken with broccoli is her favorite meal for both lunch and dinner. She does intense workout routines to stay in shape. She also has a personal trainer named Gunner.

She uses her fresh foods to create smoothies in the morning. She does celery juice before breakfast for the good health of her skin. Madison is very mindful about what she eats in a day. This has helped her stand her ground and progress. 

Madison LeCroy On Southern Charm

Southern Charm is a popular American reality television series. Madison was a guest star from the second to the third season in the show. She was seen as the friend of the main cast in the sixth season. However, she has been a part of the main cast from the sixth season.

She is seen mostly focusing on her work, family, and self-care even inside the show. There had been some rumors about her romantic involvement with a former MLB star named Alex Rodrigues. Alex had recently split from his fiancee.

Some viewers speculated that Madison had a role to play in their split. However, the couple later clarified that they are not breaking off their engagement. They were instead working some things out. This way, Madison was finally given a clean chit by the viewers.

She herself also spoke against this ridiculous allegation. She has stated that she has not even met Alex in person. They had only communicated a few times through facetime according to her. She already is in a relationship with her fiance Brett. Alex has also denied this rumor.