Bryant Myers: Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Personal Life

Bryant Myers

Bryant Myers is a Puerto Rican singer in the genre of street music and urban music. He made his entrance to the music industry with the 2015 album Slave. It was a collection of themed singles that were made in collaboration with his cousin Beauchamp. 

He got to see different stardom after creating a self-titled YouTube channel. He is very popular for his Reggae music. His single Esclava introduced him to more fame and a wider audience. His official music video on his YouTube channel accumulated millions of views within a few months. It has more than 169 million views at present.

It is a huge achievement to get the love of thousands in relatively short time duration. His talent to write explicit lyrics has won many hearts. His newfound success has intrigued many of his fans about his life. His net worth and personal details are the information many would like to know.

Bryant Myers Wiki

Bryan Myers was born on 5 April 1998 in Loma Alto, Puerto Rico. He was already famous for his music on Sound Cloud before he ventured into YouTube. He never revealed the names and the professions of his parents. He has mentioned having a brother in one of his interviews. 

The exact number of his siblings also remains a secret for now. His birth name is Bryant Robert Rohena Perez. He was inclined towards writing songs and poems from a young age. He started to publish his songs on social media platforms as a teenager.

He started his professional career as a Latin reggae singer. He has already collaborated with famous music producers like Farruko, Nengo Flow, Tempo Kevin Roldan, and Anuel AA. His most famous songs include Un Ratito Mas, Bajem Pa Ca, and many others.

His music success has translated into huge fame on various social media platforms. While his lips are sealed when it comes to his family, he has provided some details about his early life in some of the interviews. He had a financially challenged upbringing according to his statement.

He has admitted that he mostly grew up on street corners, streets, and alleys. His statement also reveals that he has a close relationship with his mother growing up:

There were times when we didn’t have breakfast or lunch, and my mother couldn’t afford to purchase me any sneakers

Growing up in poverty made him want to make as much as he could. He developed a desire to provide for his family at a young age. He also wanted to make sure that his mother and his brother do not miss out on anything due to money.

Most of his lyrics discuss complicated and explicit issues like drugs, poverty, sex, and women. The nature of his music has made it more popular among youths. He draws his inspiration for his music from his former lifestyle.

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Bryant Myers Personal Life

At the moment, he seems really busy with his ongoing career adventures. He probably does not get much time to date around. He has also never spoken a word about his relationship status or partner. None of his girlfriends or ex-girlfriends are known so far.

Bryant keeps his dating life low-key. Some fans have speculated the singer to be gay. But we cannot say with certainty since he has never disclosed any such information. He is a huge fan of rap music and rappers. He was inspired by Tyga and Lil Wayne during the beginning of his career.

Bryant Myers Net Worth

Bryant is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. His fortune looks quite impressive given that he is still in his early twenties. He started from scratch and has retained the status of millionaire now. He has been successful in his music career so far.

His net worth will certainly rise if his success grows at this pace. He approximately makes a total of $1.83 million every year from his music. Bryant's earnings have been estimated from the views on his channel. He might t make a lot more from his music on various platforms.

Age, Height, Weight, Social Media, Tattoo

Bryant stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall. He is 23 years old as of 2021 as he was born in the year 1998. He has been successful to accumulate a total of 6.8 million Instagram followers within a few years. His Facebook page has got 3.6 million followers.

His YouTube channel has a total of 7.56 million subscribers and 12 million views. Bryant has got multiple tattoos over his body, arms, hands, face, and legs. His most noticeable tattoos include eye and wing tattoos on the chest, bats tattoos on his neck, and star tattoos on his face.