Camille Stopps’ Thriller Project: Trapped With My Husband! What Does the Movie Plot Have To Serve?

Trapped With My Husband

Movies are such an ethereal part of life that fills our lives with the reminiscences that connect happiness and gaiety within us. People most of the time find themselves developing a certain connection with the movies and shows.

It all depends upon the preference and perception of an individual. Likewise, there is a movie, that garnered pretty much of attention and love from people worldwide as this movie let people ponder into a whole new perception of life.

Trapped With My Husband belongs to the Mystery & Thriller movie that is packed with a bunch of different emotions.

Before we dive into the plot twists and the sceneries the movie has to offer, let us have a quick look at the cast members who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the project.

Who Are the Cast Members?

A movie is never possible without the eminent elements, the cast members. It is their portrayal and fabulous acting that injects soul into the movie. Let us start with the protagonists of the entire story.

Camille Stopps, Jacob Richter, and George Krissa are the ones who play the leading role in the movie. Other top casts include Malube Uhindu-Gingala, Paige Evans, and a lot more.

The movie is directed by Roxanne Boisvert. Each of the members is packed with talent and years of experience. The efforts they have put into their work are ineffable yet impeccable. The cast members overall have been garnering praise.

This movie aired worldwide on June 24, 2022. The audience and the viewers rated the movie plot with a solid 7 out of 10, which is pretty good. Now, let us head on to the main part, the plot.

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What Is the Plot of the Movie?

Stopps does the roleplay of Melissa who is a renowned fashion designer. She is quite dexterous and ambitious when it comes to her passion. But, this gorgeous lady unknowingly falls for a guy, Kevin, who is pretentious of love just for the money.

With the cobweb of love he built around her, Melissa gets trapped and binds herself to his arms as she walks down the aisle with him. She gets married to the person who is yet to astonish and disappoint her with several twists.

Kevin spun the web of traps when he directs a theft scenario where he eventually ends up saving her (as planned) and wins her heart. Viewing his heroism and bravery, Melissa ends up falling for him and getting married, and that is exactly when her life starts taking an unexpected turn.

A scene of the movie
A scene of the movie (Image Source: Meaww)

Gradually, Kevin starts flaunting his true colors and unveiling his true self. He slowly showcases his personality trait as he is caught cheating with one of the hostesses.

After being aware of all of these, Melissa files for a divorce and this is where the entire plot is based upon. The story now unveils a portion where Kevin is found dead at his house and the entire blame comes upon the fashion designer.

Now, when things hover over her reputation, she fights in the entire movie while trying to prove herself innocent. 

So, the entire movie revolves around this particular plot. This thrilling part of the story has been creating a huge buzz recently. However, the other reason behind this plot being intriguing is as certain portions of the movie are inspired by real-life events. 

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Is the Movie Based Upon a True Story?

Yes, as per a few sources, and the movie poster itself, the movie is based upon a true story. It was synchronized based on a few real-life events that took place amid real-life characters, Clara Harris, a dentist, and her husband, David Harris who worked as an Orthodontist. 

On July 24, 2002, Clara caught her husband cheating with another woman red-handed in a hotel. reports state, that the woman out of frustration ran over her husband's car a couple of times and killed him.

On the other hand, her sixteen-year-old daughter, who was in the same car got killed too. The murder charge later sentenced her to twenty years of prison. Horrifying, isn't it? 

So, the movie is said to be inspired by this particular aspect. But, the real question is did the viewers find it thrilling? So, now let us dive through the viewer's perspective.

How Did the Audience React to the Movie?

As mentioned earlier, the movie garnered a rating of seven out of ten. However, according to rotten tomatoes, by now the audience has not left any criticisms for the movie. 

Seemingly, it is getting pretty much a positive response out from the audiences or the viewers. The thriller buzz is eventually descending into thousand of different hearts and perceptions. 

Conclusively, this movie is a must-watch, and you would not regret viewing it. You might also come across some critical responses, but your mind will still revolve around the good parts, as the movie is that much interesting.