Meet the Cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin! Insight on the Show

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

A teen-throb series from America, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is all set to come up with its recent launch of the season. 

Fans are immensely excited to witness the drama light up. the series is based upon a book written by Sara Shephard. As per that, the story revolves around the lives of five best friends whose wholesome circle falls apart into pieces once their leader, Aliso, walks away as she disappears. 

The story is pretty intriguing with too many twists and turns. And as a teen, if you have not yet started watching that series, well, you are missing out a lot in life. 

As Pretty Little Liars is yet to head on with a whole new story plot in their upcoming season, let us ponder into their amazing casting. 

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin's Cast

Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison who is seen as portraying Imogen Adam is all set to retain her spark with the new series. She is seen as the light of the show. Her character in the show is depicted as a true survivor.

Adams has pretty much crushes and interesting dating history. 

People are excited to witness her this season. Madison also revealed how this series is darker than the first. 

Maia Reficco

Maia Reficco who portrays her character as Noa is a track star of the show. 

The American actress and singer are all set to ignite the spark of surprises this season. 

One of the main characters, Reficco also posted a short glimpse of what she has to serve this time on Instagram. 

Chandler Kinney

Chandler Kinney, a renowned name in the entertainment industry who has been marking flamboyance in several series is now yet to mark her eminent presence in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 

She is depicted as Tabitha, an aspiring director who keeps her compiled with secrets. A mysterious girl let's say. 

Mallory Bechtel

Mallory Bechtel is quite an eminent personality in the industry who keeps glorifying the audience with her versatile presence. 

She portrays her role as Karen who is seen as a pretty convincing character with a dexterous yet ambitious personality. 

Carson Rowland

Carson Rowland is a captivating actor in real life as one sort of person who is immensely passionate and dedicated to acting. 

However, in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Chip is seen as a perfect friend to Tabby or Tabitha, an aspiring director. 

The audience is quite invested in seeing a love interest emerge amid the perfect friends. 

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga, a famous singer, and actress has a lot to serve this season in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.


A post shared by Lea Salonga (@msleasalonga)

She is seen as Elodie Honrada as a mother to Minnie. Tons of surprises are yet to be revealed this season. 

Malia Pyles

Malia Pyles, a famous American actress who originally descends from Filipino has been captivating the audience with her flamboyant portrayal as Minnie in Pretty Little Liars.


A post shared by Malia Pyles (@maliapyles)

She is the youngest among the pretty liars. This portrays her as a naughty, witty, yet humorous character. 

Jordan Gonzalez

Jordan Gonzalez is seen as Ash in the series. The TikTok star landed up to his huge opportunity where he will be unveiling an interesting version of himself. 

Gabriella Pizzolo

The Brain Dead, Stranger Things, and Pretty Little Liars fame, Gabriella Pizzolo is all set to mesmerize her audience with the best performance ever this season. 

Her character, Angela Waters, is a pretty intriguing roleplay that fans are eager to witness. 

Elias Kacavas

The Young Cal from Euphoria is a recurring character in Pretty Little Liars.


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He has been marking prominence with his sizzling chemistry with Kelly as Greg. This season has a lot to serve while embodying his character. 

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiona, a versatile personality with a profound character both on and off-screen has kept his fans eager regarding his performance in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 

His role as Shawn Noble is the main character that is responsible enough of carrying the entire show. What does he have to present this time? Stay tuned to the show's premiere. 


A post shared by Alex Aiono (@alexaiono)

His Instagram has been hinting if Shawn and Noa are meant to share chemistry together.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, a renowned Canadian actor is known for portraying Sheriff Beasley in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 


A post shared by Eric Johnson (@ericjohnson)

He too has been spotted a lot throughout the series which does keep his fans excited. So get ready to witness this hot actor come up with the best serving this season. 

Lila Crawford

Lila Crawford, a flamboyant actress, who has been portraying her role as Sandy in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin gets everyone excited as she shares a short glimpse there.

Her aura looks mesmerizing. 

Derek Klena

Derek Kelan, an American actor, and singer is seen portraying his role as Wes, Tabby's boss. 


A post shared by Derek Klena (@derek_klena)

His handsome face is all set to melt the heart of all the teens out there. 

Zaria Simone

Zaria Simone a renowned face who has been ruling the hearts of hundreds and thousands of people with her mesmerizing aura is now coming up with a little surprise.

The actress, popular for her role as Faran in Pretty Little Liars, is about to make a comeback this season. 

Brian Altemus

time Traveler's Fame, Brian Altemus is set to light up the ambiance of the entertainment industry with his portrayal in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, as Tyler. 

Stay tuned to grasp all his glimpses this season. 

Ben Cook

Ben Cook as Henry in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin recently posted a small glimpse of him on the sets.


A post shared by Ben Cook (@bentylercook)

Carly Pope

Carly Pope, a Canadian heartthrob is coming up to light up the hearts with her portrayal as Davie Adams in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 


A post shared by Carly Pope (@pope_onarope)

Sharon Leal

Sharon Leal, an American-Filipina actress has been stealing the shows ever since.


A post shared by Sharon Leal (@realleal)

This time her depiction in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is no less. Keep your hearts in a good condition as you might not be able to resist her portrayal as Sidney this season.

Elena Goode

Elena Goode, another heartthrob recently gasp her fans with excitement as she shares a short glimpse of her presence at Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin as Marjorie. 

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Jennifer Ferrin

Jennifer Ferrin, an astounding actress is up to excite all the PLL fans with her portrayal of Martha Beasley this season. 


A post shared by Jennifer Ferrin (@jenferrin)

Robert Stanton

Robert Santono, a mind-blowing actor marking prominence in the entertainment industry for decades has now upcoming with his character portrayal as Marshal Clanton this season in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 

Kate Jennings Grant

Grant, an actress to have starred in a plethora of Broadway productions is best known for her role as Madame Giry in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

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Benton Greene

Benton Greene, an extraordinary actor, recently updated his fans with his portrayals as Zene in this season's Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 

Zakiya Young

Zakiya Young, quite a renowned name in Hollywood is all set to keep her fans mesmerized while leaving a lovely essence to the audience this season in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. 

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Cristala Carter

Cristala Carter, also recognized as Simmons from Pretty Little Liars shared a short glimpse of her presence in the upcoming season.

These were all the voluble actors who are contributing this season while getting things heated yet prepped up. Get your popcorn and set yourself ready as the new season is about to premiere on 18th August 2022.