Makeup Artist Cole Carrigan Permanently Banned From TikTok | Audience Perception Of Cole's Allegations

Cole Carrigan

Cole Calligan is a professional makeup artist who focuses on special effects makeup and is known for his complex ideas for high-fashion events. Cole is also a self-taught artist. In May of 2013, he began his career by releasing tutorial videos on his YouTube channel. In March of 2017, he revealed images of his work on now-deleted Instagram.

Cole Carrigan Wiki, Age

On July 3, 1998, Cole Carrigan was born in the United States. Cole is 23 years old as of 2022. Carrigan's nationality is American. Cole is both smart and adorable. He is extremely well-known among young people. Carrigan stands about 5'3′′ tall and weighs around 72 kg. He has a lean physique. He has light hair and blue eyes. There is no information on his parents, siblings, or family members.

Carrigan has likewise kept his educational background a secret. However, given his age, he may be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program unless he decides to skip his studies and focus on his professional career from a young age. Cole Carrigan is a professional makeup artist known for his intricate creations, which Cole often creates for high-fashion events or special effects makeup. Carrigan is openly homosexual; i.e., he is gay. However, there is no precise information on his marital status. Furthermore, he did not mention his affairs or love relationships in past social media posts.

Why was Cole Carrigan Banned From TikTok?

Following a recent post, a TikToker and YouTuber, Cole Carrigan, has been permanently banned from TikTok. He claimed to have "had a secret love affair" with another anonymous YouTuber. Cole Carrigan had made a TikTok video with the following caption: When you have a secret love affair with another YouTuber/old roommate. but he ended up becoming a professional boxer and forgot about you. It encouraged viewers to speculate about YouTuber Jake Paul. Cole expressed his disappointment on Instagram after learning that his TikTok account had been permanently suspended. He stated, " "I guess someone didn't like the truth and made this happen??? Again???"


A post shared by Cole Carrigan (@colecarriganwho)

He said something similar had happened before. Many people were surprised why his account had been suspended because he was following a trend in which individuals submitted their views with sorrowful music playing in the background. Given that Cole has previously made many of the same assertions, it is reasonable to believe that he was banned for disseminating incorrect information.

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What Are Audience Perceptions Of Cole Carrigan's Allegations?

Cole has been a regular part of the creative community's drama. He alleged that vine star Cameron Dallas splashed water on him in a homophobic act. He also accused Austin McBroom of rape last year and has been accused of defrauding his fans. Many people were relieved to see that action was being taken against his frequent allegations about his personal life after being suspended from TikTok. People expressed their displeasure at Cole's conduct on Twitter by stating, "When you have a secret love affair with another YouTuber/old roommate but he ended up becoming a professional boxer and forgot about you."

cole calligan
Cole Calligan American Influencer Awards (Source: gettyimages)

Cole was already in the headlines for stating that he had an alleged romance with rapper Kanye West, among many other charges. Cole's charges have elicited no response from Jake Paul. Cole, for his part, has yet to reply to the backlash. Tana Mongeau, Cole's ex-best friend, has been accused of hacking into all of his social media pages. Cole named Tana in multiple screenshots he posted to his Instagram story, explaining that all of his social media pages were now being hacked into.

Cole Carrigan's Net Worth

Cole's net worth has not been revealed yet, but it is safe to assume that his income comes from his career as a makeup artist and a few endorsements. He also supports and represents several makeup and beauty businesses, including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lilly Lashes, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He's also known for creating Jeffree Star's Halloween makeup. In October 2018, he uploaded images from the Louis Vuitton Massacre costume on his now-deleted Instagram.

Cole Carrigan In Social Media

Cole Carrigan used to be active on various social media platforms until he was banned from TikTok and Instagram.