The News Correspondent Profile - Dagen McDowell Biography

Dagen McDowell

Dagen McDowell is an American news correspondent who works for the Fox Business Network's Markets Now for many years. Besides, she serves on many networks and shows, including Fox News Channel.

Also, Dagen McDowell has worked at many channels, which we will be highlighting in the article below.

On top of that, we will also be discussing her profession as a panelist, other than a news anchor. Also, you will get to have information on Dagen McDowell's family, education, and nationality.

Some Quick Facts About Dagen McDowell

Birth Name Mary Dagen McDowell
Age 52
Date Of Birth 7th January 1969
Gender Female
Net Worth $4 Million
  5 feet and 9 inches (1.7 meters)

When Did Dagen McDowell Start Her Anchoring Career? Everything You Need To Know About

In 2003, Dagen joined the Fox News Channel as a business correspondent. And, still, she is a huge part of the network. On the channel, she hosts the shows like Your World With Neil Cavuto.

Also, McDowell co-hosts the Mornings with Maria on Fox Business Network. Plus, she also covers the Markets Now on the same network.

Similarly, Dagen has also made her appearance on the American talk show named The Five.

Dagen McDowell Career As A Panelist

Besides anchoring and co-hosting the shows, Dagen also works as a panelist for many shows. In addition, she frequently makes her appearance on the shows Outnumbered and The Five, which airs on Fox News Channel.

She has also served as a panelist for many other shows, including Cavuto On Business, Bulls And Bears, and Cahsin' In. 

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Dagen McDowell Early Career

Dagen earned her money by working as an attendant in the dressing room before making her career in broadcasting. 

Then, she worked for the magazine SmartMoney. Also, Dagen served for the and

How Rich Is Dagen McDowell? Net Worth And Salary

Dagen has been able to accumulate huge money via her profession. She works for the most reputed broadcasting networks like Fox Business Network and Fox News Channels, so she earns $350K  as a base salary per annum, says several trusted websites.

As per many sources, Dagen has a net worth of $4 Million.

List Of Dagen McDowell Quotes

  1. Silence is accepting the unacceptable when it comes from anybody.
  2. I want these lefties to get called out as immoral basically to reduce the standard of living for every American by trying to ban fossil fuels in this country.
  3. Beauty fades, stupid is forever.
  4. When other people share their stories, even if it's a parent who is fighting it, even if it's a sibling who is fighting it, it really does create this strange sense of community and support.
  5. A lot of celebrities can raise money for you if you are running for political office.
  6. If rehearsed eye-rolls and sneers and armchair psychology worked and were interesting, Fox wouldn't be number one.

Is Dagen McDowell Married? Info On Her Husband And Children

For many years, the correspondent, Dagen, is happily married to Fox News Channel's analyst, Jonas Max Ferris.

Dagen and Jonas met each other for the first time on the Fox News while fulfilling their responsibilities to discuss mutual funds. But then, they fell in love with each other in a short time.

After that, Dagen and Jonas married in 2005. And still, they are living together.

Similarly, the duo has no children as of now.

Short Bio On Dagen McDowell Husband Jonas Max Ferris 

Dagen's husband, Jonas Max Ferris, is an economist and an investment advisor. He has been serving as the panelist for the Fox Business's Cashin' In since 2002.

Also, Jonas is an economic analyst for the Fox News. He also writes the advice and financial columns for the New York Post.

Moreover, Ferris looks after his website, as the president and co-founder. 

Ferris has a net worth of $5 million, which he earned from his profession.

Dagen McDowell Biography - Age, Family And Early Life

Dagen was born on 7th January 1969 in Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia, United States. She is 52 years old as of now. And she secures Capricorn as her zodiac sign.

The panelist is a daughter to her unidentified father and mother. Unfortunately, the detail on her parents is not available as of now. However, it is known that her family is of Irish descent.

Besides, Dagen grew up with her brother, whose identity is still unknown. And some sources say her sibling lives in Virginia.

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Which School Did Dagen McDowell Go To? Info On Her Educational Background

Dagen has not revealed the name of her high school. But, most likely, she went to one of the local schools in her hometown.

Then, Dagen attended the Wake Forest University, where she received a degree in Art History.

How Tall Is Dagen McDowell? Height And Weight

Dagen is 5 feet and 9 inches (1.8 meters) tall. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Similarly, she weighs 54 kg (119 lbs.). And her body measurements are 34-24-36.

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Dagen McDowell Nationality And Ethnicity

Dagen holds American nationality.

Likewise, her ethnicity is Irish.

Interesting Facts About Dagen McDowell

  1. Dagen also appeared on Imus In The Morning before Imus's death.
  2. She has a  North Carolina accent.
  3. Before joining a journalism career, Dagen also sold beers on a golf course.
  4. She has a dog named Ramon, which is of Chihuahua breed.
  5. Dagen has 70.2K followers on her Instagram, @dagenmcdowell, as of 13th August 2021.
  6. Previously, Dagen was married to an unidentified man. But, she divorced him later.