Daisy Edgar-Jones 2022: Is She Dating Someone?

Daisy Edgar-Jones

Daisy Edgar-Jones is one such name who has created an impact in the entertainment industry. She is an English actress who has garnered the attention of many with her roles in movies like Pond Life, Albion, Normal People Confessions, and a lot more. 

Her portrayals have always been power pact and the aroma she leaves is impeccable. Professional upliftment of the actress is always a matter of discussion but what her fans have recently tried being engaged in is her love life.

They are curious if the beautiful actress has a boyfriend with whom she is relishing the moments of life. Let us dust off the base from her brief introduction.

Daisy Edgar-Jones Wiki, Age

The actress was born on May 24, 1998, in Islington, London, United Kingdom. She was born to parents Phillip and Wendy Edgar-Jones. Her father, Phillip, is Scottish, whereas her mother, Wendy, is Northern Irish. 

So, the actress basically descends from a mixed ethnicity. As of 2022, she is twenty-four years old. By a young age as such, the milestones she has set for herself are ineffable to put into words. 

Daisy Edgar-Jones
Daisy Edgar-Jones (Image Source: Instagram)

Academically, Edgar-Jones completed her schooling at The Mount School for Girls and graduated from Woodhouse College. Afterward, she went to the National Youth Theatre where she started pursuing her passion to act. 

Academically or professionally she never gave up on her dreams and ambitions. Edgar-Jones kept on flourishing in each aspect of life. Recently, her personal life too has become the talk of the town to the majority of people.

In March 2021, the actress was spotted with a guy with whom she had been clicking photos while sipping wine. The two looked really comfortable with each other which rose speculations and assumptions amid many.

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Is Daisy Edgar-Jones Dating Someone?

Back in 2021, the guy she hung out with namely Sebastian Stan was her speculated boyfriend. People had many questions regarding the two's relationship and it is because they seemed really comfortable around each other.

Ever since they were spotted at that event, the audience could witness the fact of them meeting way too often. The rumored couple also posted adorable pictures on Instagram. 


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The bonding looked like more than just a friendship. In order to support Edgar-Jones, Stan also attended award shows while fetching her flowers. Moreover, that same month, as per a few sources, the dating rumors turned true when they were spotted kissing. But, that was just for one of the scenes they had to film together.

Acknowledging all of these facts, we can proclaim that the actors both are relishing their bond of friendship rather than being tied up as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

So, if Stan is not the one, who is Edgar-Jones Dating might be your question. But, unfortunately, the actress has kept her dating life away from the limelight. Speculations can be made on her being single for now. 

The recent news of the actress might not be known, but she has reportedly been in some past relationships back then. 

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Daisy Edgar-Jones Past Relationships

In 2018, Edgar-Jones was dating Tom Varey. They first landed their eyes upon each other on the sets of the movie Pond Life. Their relationship was adored and loved by many.

It is because they seemed perfect together. But, unfortunately, in 2020, after two significant years of dating each other, they got decisive to pave their paths apart. 

Edgar-Jones and her former boyfriend did end up on good terms. They did so because they solely wished to focus on their careers more. Keeping this in mind, the actress can be assumed to have been single to this date.