Eveything You Need To Know About The Snowfall star's Damson Idris Wife, His Dating Life And Family

Damson Idris

Damson Idris is a popular British actor as well as producer. He rose to fame through the portrayal of the role of Franklin Saint in the film Snowfall. He has been featured in multiple films projects till now and he also does theatre. 

His performance is considered a phenomenal one by his fans. It is not strange for them to dig deep into his personal life trying to find out if he is married or in a relationship.


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Damson has been in multiple movies in his seemingly short career.

His first appearance on the big screen was through U.K.-based stage production back in 2012. He has also bagged roles in Doctors, The Twilight Zone, and the recent success called Outside the Wire. He had portrayed the role of a drone pilot in this 2021 sci-fi movie.

 Outside the Wire turned out to be a huge success in Netflix. In fact, it became the most-watched movie on the platform on its debut weekend. His work was noted by many viewers in the movie. With its success, he is getting more established in the industry.

Is Damson Idris Married?

He made an appearance on Joy Taylor's podcast show in March this year. The interview was for the discussion about acting and the importance of choosing an impactful story. The show host Joy jokingly referred to him as her husband.

This joke prompted loud laughter in Damson. He even bid her goodbye saying "see you soon wife" as the interview came to an end. This clarifies that he is actually not married yet doesn't shy away from joking about it. Damson is most likely to be unmarried in 2021 and does not have a wife either.

Damson has also jokingly mentioned that he wants six kids in his future. He has never been married, engaged, or had any children as of now. Hopefully, he will soon find the one for me to fulfill his dream of having six children in the future.

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Does Damson Idris Have A Girlfriend?

Damson indeed is in a committed relationship as per a few reports. He is dating a renowned rapper named Saweetie. The music she makes is available on various platforms like Spotify, Sound Cloud, and iTunes. She has also won the MTV music video award in the category called Song Of Summer.

She has also been the winner of the People's choice award in the new artist 2020. The couple is going pretty strong for now but there has been no plan on getting married. Probably, the two are enjoying their time together before getting hitched.

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Who Else Has He Dated?

There was a girl who was assumed to be his girlfriend back in the year 2020. The girl was the Love Island star, Montana Brown. Both of them were seen while taking sunbath in Cannes, South of France. Montana was seen in a navy blue color bikini along with a hat and sunglasses. This had raised many speculations and rumors.

Damson with his rumored girlfriend

Damson was seen wearing a pair of black beach shorts with her. They both were spotted spending their time and enjoying the day of their vacation together. Neither side gave any clarification or denial regarding this matter and the rumor slowly died down. 

It was not until she posted a picture on Instagram with another guy that the rumors were clarified. Montana had captioned the picture, my rogue love. It is not known if they were dating prior to this new guy but they are definitely not dating each other in 2021. 

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Damson Idris Family, Brother, Sister

Damson was brought up by his single mother. His parents came from Nigeria to the UK in the hope of a better future. He is the youngest child out of six children of the family. His elder siblings include three brothers and two sisters.

All of his siblings went on to find careers in the corporate sectors, law, business, and IT. He was the only one kid in the Idris family that chose a fairly different career path.