Meet The New Housewife From RHONJ Danielle Cabral: Everything You Need To Know!

Danielle Cabral

Danielle Cabral is a businesswoman, a mother of two, and a wife. Cabral is the owner of Boujie Kidz, a children's clothing business.

In the 13th season of the hit reality show The Real Women of New Jersey, she will be one of the new three housewives. The franchise will be pitched to a young generation by the businesswoman.

While Danielle's name may not be well-known, here's what we do know about her, including details about her husband.

Danielle Cabral's Wiki, Parents, & Age

Danielle Cabral is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and Screen reality show star. She is the daughter of Angel Mauro of Willowbrook and Philip DiPietro of Pleasant Plains and the stepdaughter of Camille Di Pietro and Peter Mauro. Cabral has kept her true age a secret from her fans. Her birth date and location are unknown at this time.

Danielle with her dad
Danielle with her dad (Source: Instagram)

Cabral went to Susan Wagner High School, where she received her schooling. She also earned a bachelor's degree in science from Wagner College. She starred in "I'm a Staten Island Girl," MTV's highest-rated True Life episode. After her short appearance on TV, Danielle went on to pursue a career in the entertainment sector in Los Angeles.

Danielle Cabral Marriage

Danielle couldn't make it big in the entertainment world in Los Angeles, but her life was dramatically changed when she met Nathan Cabral, her husband! Nate Cabral is Danielle Cabral's life partner. On September 14, 2012, the couple tied the knot.

The pair decided to marry outside of Los Angeles. They chose to marry closer to home, and they spent their time there planning, visiting with friends and family, and making plans for the rest of their life together. The Tuscan Garden at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden hosted Danielle and Nate's wedding.


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The two recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary as Danielle took on Instagram to share her special day with her followers.

Danielle Cabral’s Husband Nate Cabral

Nate is a reality television star and entrepreneur. He is the son of Fall River, Massachusetts residents Elizabeth Blackburn and Kenneth Cabral. Nate is the proprietor of Flash Security Inc., a home security company. It aims to provide professional security systems to families and businesses in New Jersey and the surrounding areas and specializes in fire and burglar alarms, CCTV, access control, and AV automation.

She has also made her husband a television star since they married. Nate has also appeared on HGTV's Family Under Construction. Nate was also a baseball coach for his son's team in late 2021.

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Danielle Cabral Children

Danielle married, appeared on a few reality television shows, opened a clothes boutique, and had a couple of children. Nothing has been able to slow this young lady down in the last decade.


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She and her husband are the proud parents of two young children, a boy, and a girl. Danielle and Nate have two children: a son named Dominic and a girl named Valentina.

Danielle Cabral As An Entrepreneur

Danielle Cabral is a businesswoman, a mother of two, and a wife. She prefers to be referred to as the "MOMtrepreneur." Cabral is the founder of the children's clothing company "Boujie Kidz." This year, she launched her producing company, Relatable Productions. The company produces "phenomenal unscripted accessible TV programming with "heart and humanity," according to its Instagram bio.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

RHONJ (Real Housewives of New Jersey) is an American reality television show that premiered on Bravo on May 12, 2009. It is the fourth edition of The Real Housewives franchise, and it has aired eleven seasons, concentrating on the private and professional lives of various women residing in the United States state of New Jersey. These are ladies who fight, turn tables, and air their grievances on television.

We've only just recovered from The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Season 12 drama, but chatter about the next 13th season is already circulating on social media. RHONJ producers are reportedly hoping to change things up in Season 13 by bringing on three new leading ladies, according to several reports.

With Danielle rumored to be joining Season 13 of RHONJ as a newcomer, we can't help but wonder who she'll get along with the best in the cast; however, we don't have to ponder for long because she's good friends with Teresa Giudice. Danielle posted a photo of herself and Nate on a double date with Teresa and her fiancé, Luis "Louie" Ruelas, on May 2. A few minutes later, her comments section was swamped with support, with many declaring themselves to be #TeamDanielle. That pretty much rules out the possibility that she's confirming her attendance on the show.

Net Worth

The current status of Danielle Cabral's net worth is unknown. She may, however, have amassed a fortune as the inventor of the apparel line "Boujie Kidz." Similarly, this isn't the first time Danielle has made an appearance in the entertainment world.

She's appeared in a number of independent and feature films in the past. She starred in "I'm a Staten Island Girl," MTV's highest-rated True Life episode. Danielle also worked in Manhattan for MTV, where she was in charge of an on-air talent wardrobe. Considering all of her efforts and her entrepreneurial career, she has undoubtedly amassed a sizable fortune for herself and her family.

Social Media

Danielle is available on Instagram. She has 26.4 K followers on her Instagram where she is seen sharing her life moments with her followers. You can also find her husband Nate on Instagram.