Danielle Grant Is Now Pregnant With Her First Child: Is The Gender Revealed?

Danielle Grant

Danielle Grant, an American journalist, and meteorologist who has risen to fame with her impeccable hosting and gorgeous smile, flaunted on-screen, is quite a recognized name in the industry. 

She is a dexterous lady who is knowledgeable and ambitious in every aspect she tries to dig in. Career-wise, Grant is reaching heights, while she is yet to embrace a new responsibility.

This time the responsibility she has dug in is not the one to carry on her shoulders; instead, this is the one she carries by heart. Recently, the meteorologist astounds her fans with her pregnancy news. We will dive deep into her persuasion to motherhood afterward.

But, before, have a look at a brief background of Grant.

Danielle Grant's Wiki, Age

Grant was born on August 19, as per a few sources. However, her age has not been revealed yet. It seems like she is pretty private and reserved regarding things like these.

Grant, an American journalist, has recently paved her way working as a meteorologist at KUSA 9NEWS. She had been accomplishing heights as a journalist, of course, but being a meteorologist added a new definition and color to her life. 

The five feet four inches tall journalist has been heightening her accomplishments ever since she started working. Grant does not stop; she keeps moving and pursuing the things she aims for, which is the trait people adore her for. 

She has been a part of several channels, including  KREM-TV. The meteorologist's work has been appreciated at each workplace she has stepped into.

Just as ambitious and dedicated she is towards her career, so is she towards maintaining her personal life. Grant relishes her life track alongside a loving and understanding better half, her husband.

Who Is Danielle Grant's Husband?

Coming from a hectic day and draining all the stress and worries with a warm hug from your loved ones is a different aura. For this, Grant caresses her problems away while gliding amid the arms of her loving husband, Bill Reddick, who is a well-recognized videographer.

Danielle Grant with her husband and dog, Walter
Danielle Grant with her husband and dog, Walter (Image Source: Instagram)

The husband and wife duo have been married for quite a long time. Moreover, they also share a bit of their love for their fellow pet dog, Walter. They groomed and grew the dog up as their little kid.

However, for now, the couple is yet to welcome another member to their family soon. 

Is Danielle Grant Pregnant?

Yes, you guessed that right. The renowned journalist and meteorologist will give birth to a daughter soon. She posted an adorable picture while being sat beside her husband and dog. The image of the married couple is graced with a beautiful caption beneath.


A post shared by Danielle Grant (@thewxwoman)

She excitedly wrote about how excited they were to welcome their little lady to this world. Furthermore, she also glitters the caption by including her dog, Walter, who is soon turning into a big brother.

To this statement, Grant's fans reacted with immense glee and enthusiasm. Her comment section flooded with congratulatory messages and blessings from all the renowned faces and her fans. 

But, the message she wrote was just not compiled the good news, and it had an emotional tilt as she talked about the inevitable consequences she had faced.

What Were the Problems Danielle Grant Faced Before?

Before stepping into motherhood, Grant underwent a series of heartbreaking moments. Initially, the couple was declared infertile and dealt with it for a long time.

After some time, when they expected a baby with Grant getting pregnant, she underwent miscarriage. Eventually, series after series of traumatic instances were being served to the couple again, where they had given up halfway amid thinking that they would never have children's giggles igniting the spark of love and joy in their house.

People articulated nuisance rumors all over the Internet that affected them even more.

However, this time, God finally listened to their cries, the unnecessary rumors, criticisms they faced, and their pure-hearted wishes, eventually leading them to become pregnant again.

This time, bashing all the traumatic incidents behind, the couple is reunited with love and warmth again. They are all set to initiate their new journey while embracing the glory of life.

You, too, can be a part of their journey while showering beautiful messages on their social media platforms. 


This beautiful lady is soon to birth the biggest blessing of her life. Her professional yet personal journey is yet to embellish with immense grace and gratitude. Even after giving birth, let us hope to see her achieving milestones in each of the aspects she steps into.