What Is The Net Worth Of Dorothy Dillard? Meet The Therapist Mother Of Candiace

Dorothy Dillard

Dorothy Dillard is an American television personality. She has become the main part of the television reality show, The Real Housewives. She has made her appearance inside the show as Candiace’s mom who works as a therapist.

Her daughter Candiace was crowned Miss United States in 2013. Dorothy has also served as a staffer for President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign. With these many credits, fans want to know everything about her personal life.


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Who Is The Mother Of Candiace, Dorothy Dillard?

Dorothy Dillard is a mother to Candiace, an entrepreneur, as well as an RHOP cast member. She has a lot of experience on her resume. She has worked as an Air Force physician, and a therapist. She is also a proud graduate of Stillman College.

She has been frequently seen having some sort of control over her daughter’s life. She is also known for micromanaging her daughter's wedding with Chris. Dorothy is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority as well. She is the biggest supporter of her daughter Candiace.

The mother-daughter are pretty close to one another. In one instance, Candiace has credited her for making her financially independent. Despite having a few ups and downs, the two have maintained a healthy relationship as mother and daughter.


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Both of them have admitted that Dorothy frequently visits her daughter at her house. Some fans even consider their relationship to be toxic as they are often seen in arguments. However, arguments among family members do not necessarily mean toxicity.

The proud mother Dorothy has her own fanbase across various platforms. On Instagram alone, she flaunts a total of 33.3k followers as of November 2021. Her Instagram features many pictures with her beloved daughter.

Dorothy Dillard Potomac

Dorothy Dillard has become a major part of the Bravo reality show, The Real Housewives of Potomac. Her daughter Candiace made her debut on the popular Bravo reality series in the third season. Viewers know her as the mother of Candiace in the Potomac. The show has allowed her to see a different spotlight.

Therapist Mother

Dorothy Dillard is a licensed therapist who works at Atlanta Psychotherapy in Stockbridge. She had graduated from Southern University in 1994 on her journey to become a therapist. She specializes in several issues, including ADHD these days. 

She covers a variety of mental health issues as a therapist. But she majorly focuses on Internet addiction, chronic pain, trauma, and impulse control disorders among her patients.

Net Worth

Her net worth is publicly unavailable but it is a known fact that Dorothy has a very significant income. Reportedly, she charges between $60 and $80 per therapy session. She also has an additional credential as a substance abuse professional. 

Dorothy in RHOP

Dorothy in RHOP

Although her exact salary remains undisclosed, her net worth is estimated at around 4.5 million. She often guides her daughter Candiace in financial management. Sources claim that the therapist paid in six-figure for her daughter's wedding to husband Chris Bassett.

Is Dorothy Dillard Married?

The television personality has been married to Candiace’s father Walter previously. He was her first love but now she is now divorced from him. Dorothy has happily moved on to another marriage. Rumors say that her ex-husband cheated on her with another woman having a baby with her. 


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She is in marriage with her husband Ronald at the present. Dorothy often gushes over her new husband on her social media. 

Age, Height, Weight

The date of birth of the therapist has not been disclosed to the public. But one can assume that she is in her 60s. Regardless, Dorothy looks quite young for her age. Many disbelieve it when they find out that she is a mother of a grown-up child.

Dorothy stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. The therapist has certainly aged like a fine wine.