Who Is Elsaaababy? Find Out The Real Name, Age, Net Worth Of The YouTuber


Lsiebaby is a famous American Tikoker and internet personality. Her TikTok account has received over 2.4 million followers and 20 million likes as of October 2021. The internet sensation has garnered thousands of admirers through her content. 

Before TikTok, she was an X-beam technologist and still effectively works as one. She has additionally figured out how to effectively grow her profession with her stunning looks and sparkly hair.

Lsilebaby has been on TikTok since August 2020. She also owns her YouTube channel with 161k subscribers. She is equally famous on Instagram as @elsaaababy with 874k subscribers.


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Real Name and Bio

Lsiebaby was born on the 29th of September 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. As of October 2021, she is 24 years of age. The real name of the TikTok star is Elsa. She was born in America to her Hispanic mother and half-black-half-white father.

The name and profession of her parents are not revealed yet. There has been no information about her siblings either.


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She goes by both names: Lsiebaby and Elsababy. Her last name remains a mystery to date. Her name had also invited a lot of arguments among fans. Some had claimed that the name Elsa actually came from Disney's Frozen character. But as far as we know, it is her real name.

TikTok And YouTube

The young influencer posts lip-sync and comedy videos on her TikTok. Elsa takes on different challenges and tries out various fashions on her YouTube channel. She debuted on YouTube with a video titled ELSAAABABY Get To Know Me! | Q&A and instantly rose to fame. It is crazy that she has earned so many subscribers within a year.

Elsa was already a famous Instagram star before she stepped on her TikTok career. Her first TikTok made on a pool instantly blew up in August 2020. There has been no looking back for the TikTok star after that. 

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Is Lsiebaby Single?

She is single considering the information provided by Elsa herself. She had uploaded a video titled My boyfriend’s reaction to my Amazon leggings in February 2021 on her YouTube channel. Fans had hoped to find out about her real boyfriend from the video. However, she mentions that she doesn't have a boyfriend at the end of her video.


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Elsa's video has crossed 4 million views. It is also one of her most viewed videos on her channel.

Net Worth And Earning

The TikToker owns a blue Mustang vehicle which has made fans wonder: How Much Does Elsa really make? Many sources have claimed her net worth at around $900k but the exact figure remains undisclosed. The amount is a lot considering her tenure and age.

She is seen flaunting dresses of various luxury brands on her Instagram. Her lifestyle looks like a high-end one. It is safe to assume that the YouTuber makes pretty hefty for herself amount from her career. 


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The major revenue for Lsiebaby is her work as an entertainer and a model. She is also seen doing brand endorsements on her Instagram profile which is her another source of income.

She receives almost 1.12 million views on her YouTube videos on average.  She also receives around $ 5.3K of sponsorship on each of her videos. Her videos can be monetized for amounts between $12.47k and $ 99.82K monthly.

Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurement

The influencer is 24 years old at the moment. Elsa stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her body measurement is not revealed yet but she weighs almost 58 kg. She looks pretty fit since she has a keen interest in fitness.

Likes And Dislikes

The multi-talented YouTuber likes to spend most of her time playing computer games. She also gets kick out of her life by going on horseback riding. Additionally, Elsa loves shopping and the fitness regime while she is not working as a radiologist. 

Elsa's favorite color is brown and she also loves to travel.