Emily Osment Flaunts Her Relationship Online! Who Is She Dating? Insights to Her Boyfriend and Past Relationships

Emily Osment

Emily Osment, an American actress, songwriter, and singer has been setting milestones in the entertainment industry for decades.

She has been embellishing the path to success with sheer commitment and dedication for which she stands as a role model to many. 

Hannah Montana and Spy Kids 3D star has made herself renowned in the industry while undergoing multiple hardships and adversities.

Despite her colossal career, fans also stay curious about her personal life and dating history. 

So how has her history with love been going so far?

Emily Osment's Past Relationships

Osment is a highly reserved yet private person. Despite these, her relationship details never really stayed hideous from the public.

A few of her dating stories might have remained behind the curtains, but pretty much of them did garner the attention of the public eye.

Let us now dig into all the guys she dated and also a few of the names she was rumored to be dating. Here is a list of her boyfriend. 

Daryl Sabara

Somewhere around 2002, rumors ignited stating that Osment, as a youth had been dating an American actor named Daryl Sabara. 

Reports stated that they hooked up.

However, the news was never confirmed as both sides kept their lips sealed regarding this piece of information. 

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Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment landed their eyes upon each other for the very first time on the sets of Hannah Montana. 

They did encompass their on-screen chemistry to the audience, but what made the aura even mesmerizing was the fact that they were dating in real life too.

Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso
Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso (Image Source: Elite Daily)

At that time, Disney believed in prohibiting dating within the production house. 

However, love having no bound, their relationship lasted for two good years. They got decisive to break up afterward. 

However, the reason is still not disclosed. Netizens did speculate Disney to be behind all of these, but this still stays a mystery. 

Tony Oller

Tony Oller was a love interest of Osment back in 2009. Their relationship did not even last for a year.

Their relationship went on and off constantly and as Osment sought a stable relationship, they decided to part ways soon and break up. 

Nathan Keyes

In 2013, Osment reportedly hooked up with an American actor named Nathan Keyes. 

Emily Osment and Nathan Keyes
Emily Osment and Nathan Keyes (Image Source: Creeto)

Their relationship did run smoothly for a couple of years but clashed amid. The reasons are still unknown. 

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Jimmy Tatro

After almost two years of partition with Keyes, the actress, in 2015, crossed her paths with an actor, writer, and director, Jimmy Tatro.

The two seemed pretty chaotic yet comfortable around each other.

Emily Osment and Jimmy Tatro
Emily Osment and Jimmy Tatro (Image Source: Ranker)

However, after a certain instance of dating, they separated. They might still be on good terms with each other. 

Who is Emily Osment Dating Now?

According to the report by Creeto, the actress has now been dating Jim Gilbert, a therapist.

They started dating in 2016, and to this date, they are still together. 


A post shared by Emily Osment (@emilyosment)

After linking herself to a series of co-stars, she finally found her soul connected to a person who does not belong to the entertainment industry. 

Both seem pretty mature regarding their relationship and thankfully, their relationship has not undergone any adversities. 

So far, no information encircling them getting engaged or married has lit up the Internet.

Both are pretty private when it comes to flaunting their relationship. Probably, they are taking their own quality time to figure things out for all of these as both are still young and career-oriented. 

If any news as such comes up, we will help you stay with an update. You can also connect on @emilyosment as she does stay engaged with her fans here. Much information can further be grasped if anything comes up.