Who Is E.R. Fightmaster? Learn The Real Name And Dating Life Of The Non-Binary Actor

E.R. Fightmaster

E.R. Fightmaster is a producer, actor, as well as a writer. The actor prefers to go by the "they" pronoun. They are recognized by most people for being an openly non-binary person in the entertainment industry.

They rose to fame after their appearance in the hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy. They played the role of Dr. Kai Bartley in the series. People remember him from the scene when the character Meredith was contacted by a Minnesota hospital to look into their research on Parkinson’s disease.

E.R Fighermaster was born on 8 June 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They completed graduation at DePaul University with a degree in Women and Gender Studies. They grew up with a brother named John Rogers Fightermaster. The names and professions of their parents have not been disclosed yet.

They have great working experience and exposure in this media field. They have brought significant value to the industry with their remarkable work. Their Instagram handle @genderless_gap_ad has 52.7k followers.

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What Is The Real Name And Age Of E.R Fightmaster?

The actor has turn 29 years old in 2021. The real and biological name of E.R. Fightmaster is Emily Rogers Fightermaster. The actor just uses the acronyms for their first and middle name but they have kept their surname. Hence, the actor was born as a daughter to their parents and most probably was raised as the same.

Non-Binary Actor

Their casting marks a first for Grey’s Anatomy with a non-binary actor playing a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy. They play a non-binary doctor in the show. Their intriguing gender identity has caught a lot of public attention.

E.R Fightmaster first came out as bisexual when they were just a child. A non-binary person doesn't necessarily find exclusive differences between males and females and doesn't identify with either of the traditional genders.

A non-binary person might have a unique sexual orientation whereas Fightermaster has been revealed to be interested in a blend of males and females both.

Grey's Anatomy

Their character of Fightmaster was first seen in the series in the third episode of season 18. A mutual contact was shown when Meredith asked Amelia to join her in the research. It was when Meredith first met their character, Dr. Kai. Amelia knew Kai’s work well. Hence she suggested taking her up in the team without any concern.

ER Fightermaster as Dr.Kai

Source: The Fast Observer

E.R. plays a non-binary neuroscientist inside the show. Viewers are bound to see more of their character Kai. E.R. first made their appearance in the October 14 episode and will be in the upcoming November 11 episode as well.

Role In TV Show And Band

Grey's Anatomy is not their first acting venture even though many think so. Their first acting venture was the role of Emily in Hulu's comedy-drama series called Shrill. The drama caught the attention of millions and their work was noticed by many.

ER Fightermaster acting

Fightermaster in Shrill alongside a co-star (Source: Us weekly)

They are a music artist as well apart from being actor. Additionally, they are also a member of the music band called TWIN. Their latest single was named Santa Clarita. It was released on October 15 this year. Fightermaster can play various instruments including piano and guitar.

Are They Married?

E.R Fightmaster is not a married person. They have not been married in the past either. Being a public persona might have raised the speculation of their marriage at times. But as of October 2021, they are not married to anyone.

Is E.R Fightmaster Dating Someone?

They are reportedly dating a filmmaker named Karry "KZ" Elizabeth. Their relationship has been made public via Instagram a year ago. They have posted a picture with their beau wishing a happy birthday on February of 2020. They have not revealed how long the duo has been dating. 

The two are currently living together in the greater Los Angeles area. They are going strong, fans can expect a wedding pretty soon.