Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery? Her Before and After Photos Go Viral!

Erin Moriarty

The Boys fame, Erin Moriarty has recently grabbed the spotlight ever since she awe-struck the public with a drastic change in her personality.

The beauty she has always had seemed to have amplified to a whole different level. Her fans have stayed pretty curious if the actress underwent certain changes on her face while having some work done. 

She has been recently quenched with questions regarding plastic surgery rumors, weight loss journey, and furthermore. So, if you are one of such fans to have run across this article with the same question, we will not disappoint you.

Keep reading to get all your questions answered. 

Erin Moriarty's Plastic Surgery Rumors

The entertainment industry has always questions to raise when it comes to beauty and plastic surgery.

The media does get the false news sporadic to every corner of the world with their assumptions and theories. 

The same happened to Moriarty. Well, a few of the before and after photos were articulated all over the internet, and there are certain notable changes on her face, but critics have started bashing her for getting things done.

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How Did the Rumors Start?

The assumptions started ever since in an interview with Collider, Moriarty spoke about body perfectionism and portraying the actual features of real women.

That interview sought multiple questions from her. People started taking her before and after photos and drew assumptions regarding her plastic surgery.

As per a few of the portals and people on Reddit, she underwent nose surgery, botox, got her jawline sharpened, breasts upliftment, and furthermore. 

Even a plethora of plastic surgery "experts" made claims on she undergoing some work done on her face and body. 

One of Erin Moriarty's before and after photos
One of Erin Moriarty's before and after photos (Source: Feetway)

Her photos and videos from 2016 were compared and a lot of the youtube plastic surgery experts made videos while identifying every bit of change in her face and body.

Having a look at such videos, Moriarty seems to have undergone a drastic change. 

But, the actress has had nothing to claim so far. And even if the rumors are true, that is not a problem.

After all, it is her face, body, and personality. She can do whatever she wishes to and what makes her happy. There is nothing to bash her and make her feel bad. 

Moriarty might be emphasizing her personality as she wishes to retain her shape and physique on-screen. Either way, she is gorgeous. 

Apart from her beautiful face, what else keeps people curious is if the actress underwent a massive weight loss. 

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Erin Moriarty's Weight Loss Journey

Well, Moriarty did showcase a drastic change in her body and face once she got back on screen. This has been keeping her fans quite worried about her.

Looking at her before and after photos, she looks way slimmer. This got people skeptical about her balanced diet and health.

One of Erin Moriarty's before & after photos after weight loss
One of Erin Moriarty's before & after photos after weight loss (Source: House and Whips)

Speculations came up on her developing an eating disorder, or her going through a certain medication. But, the real things do not seem so.

If you are one such worried fan, please do not! It is because the actress has been working out, eating healthy, emphasizing on her aerobic routines, and a lot more to keep her in shape. 

The actress is perfectly alright and is all set to heighten her accomplishments with her flamboyant portrayal of roles on-screen.

She has been receiving bashing from people and critics for undergoing weight loss, has been compared constantly with her before and after pictures, and has also been trolled for getting plastic surgery.

Despite these many adversities, Moriarty keeps her chin up and flaunts that gorgeous smile of hers good enough to melt anyone's heart.