Who Is Eriq LaSalle Wife or Partner? Explore Coming to America Cast’s Married Life

Eriq La Salle

Eriq La Salle is one of the most loved American actors who is widely famous for his portrayal in the movies such as ER, Coming to America, Logan, and One Hour Photo. Apart from being an actor, Salle is also a talented director, writer, and producer. 

Working in over 60 films and television series, Salle has also given numerous hit projects that have helped him win some awards, including the three times nomination for Primetime Emmy Award and Image Award.

The 60-years-old Salle was passionate about pursuing a career in the showbiz industry from an early age, and he aimed to become an actor. So, Salle made his debut on the big screen in 1984 after starring as Fargas in Cut and Run

So, he has gained a massive fan base with his outstanding acting skills. As said earlier, Salle is also a writer, and his first novel named, Laws of Depravity, was published in 2012. Recently, Salle starred as Jack Roberts in a tv movie entitled A Second Chance at Love which was loved by many.

And now, the prominent actor is working on his next project, I Do Kiss Goodbye Again, where we can see him as Jack. 

Meanwhile, Salle not only makes headlines on the internet with his professional work but also with his personal life. Here we've talked about his marriage. So, keep exploring till the end to find everything.

Who Is Eriq La Salle's Wife or Partner?

As of 2022, Eriq La Salle appears to be single, and he does not have a wife or a partner.

Likewise, Salle has never been married, and due to this reason, some people think that Salle might be gay.

However, there is no fact about it. So, Salle is a straight man as he has never made any claim stating himself as gay.

Similarly, none of his social media posts hints about Salle being involved in romantic affairs. So, it is pretty challenging to know about his love life.


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The veteran actor keeps his mouth tight when it comes to the topic of his love affair. So, we are unknown whether he has wedding plans in the future or not.

In addition to that, he was once engaged to his ex-girlfriend but did their relationship turn into marriage?

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Marriage: Eriq La Salle Engaged to Angela Johnson

As said earlier, Eriq La Salle was once engaged to his ex-girlfriend Angela Johnson. As per some reports, the former pair openly dated in 1998, and they also got engaged. 

Furthermore, Salle and Johnson even purchased a vacation house, and they were on the way to tying their knot. Sadly, they couldn't exchange their vows as both of them broke up for an undisclosed reason. 

Eriq La Salle and Angela Johnson
Eriq La Salle and Angela Johnson were engaged in the past ( Source: Flickr

Despite that, Salle had a good relationship with Johnson, and he also talked about her in some interviews. And now both of them are busy with their own life. Apart from that, fans are concerned to know if Salle had other girlfriends or not.

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Relationship Timeline: Meet Eriq La Salle's Girlfriend

Moving onwards, Eriq La Salle's love life has been a matter of concern to many of us, but since his divorce from his ex-girlfriend, Salle has kept himself away from media prominence.

So, it can be said that Salle prefers to stay lowkey rather than sharing every detail with the tabloids. Not much is known about who Salle has dated or where he's been, but it's sure that he isn't married, and he doesn't seem to want to be married soon. 

Eriq La Salle
Eriq La Salle with his co-workers ( Source: Instagram )

And at the moment, Salle is focused on his career and is doing pretty well. To get more updates on his day-to-day lifestyle, we can follow him on Instagram as @eriqlasalle