Who Is Evan Hafer? Explore His Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Height

Evan Hafer

Evan Hafer is the CEO and founder of a famous unofficial coffee brand called Black Rifle Coffee Company or BRCC. His coffee company is one of the leading brands of America owned and operated with the aid of using veterans. He started his renowned coffee brand to provide high-quality coffee to pro-Americans and veterans.

During his time in the military, Evan had fallen in love with coffee. He worked towards improving his roasting skills. For over a decade, he did researches on coffee. This passion of his drove him to make it commercial by creating his own coffee brand.

At the present, Evan is recognized by more people as the CEO of the brand rather than his military career.


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Evan Hafer: WiKi

Evan was born and brought up in a small town of Northern Idaho, US in a family of loggers. His community barely had 800 people. The date of his birth has not been revealed yet. He prefers to keep most details of his life hidden from the public. Evan is a graduate of the University Of Idaho. 

He describes his childhood self as:

troubling and a really shitty student

He grew up around manual laborers. In fact, his father had broken his back while logging when he was 16 years old. Young Evan had a passion for the military which came to fruition as a career in his early life.


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It was his career in coffee brands that gave him fame and wealth. BRCC aka Black Rifle Coffee Company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Evan established it in 2014 but the company received widespread attention in 2017. It came in the eye of the public after the declaration to employ 10,000 veterans in the company.

After his successful venture, Evan has accumulated 207k followers on his Instagram. He also has a total of 43.4k followers on his Twitter.

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Some members of his extended family had fought in World War II. When he found himself unsuccessful as a student, he chose the military. On 31 March 2021, he posted a picture of him in his previous profession's work attire.


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Evan worked in the US army during his young adulthood. In fact, he spent 20 years of his life in his career in the military. Later, he joined the elite ranks of the Green Berets and served for longer than a decade. He became a military contractor working personal security for the US security department afterward. He used to go on missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time there.

Is Evan Married?

Evan is a married man. He has not shared details about his marital life or his wife. However, his social media often features pictures of his wife, Kate Hafer. Kate Hafer has 1563 followers on her Instagram profile. Evan has two children with his wife judging from Kate's Instagram, a son, and a daughter. 


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In one of his interviews, he has mentioned his daughter. Evan was really afraid after the birth of his daughter. He didn't feel like he was capable enough to provide for his newborn. He considers it the lowest point in his life. His willingness to be a good father mixed with his passion for coffee formed the company that we know and love today.


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The Hafer family also adopted a pet dog in August 2017. Evan seems like a family man. He often hangs out with his children in his free time. 

Net Worth

Evan's net worth is booming at the present. Based on the data available online, the gross sales of his company alone was $80 million in 2019. It was a huge step up from 2018's revenue of $30 million. His net worth is estimated at $500k although the exact figure is not known. The amount is based on his accumulation from his company. But he definitely has made a hefty sum of money from his career in the military.

Evan representing his company

Source: BRCC website

His company specializes in online consumer coffee subscription services. The number of subscribers to this service was estimated to be around 100,000 in 2020. His company competes with the Starbucks, world's largest coffee brand. BRCC roasts more than a half-million pounds of coffee a year.

Height, Weight, Age

He has never mentioned his birthday. One can guess that Evan is in his late forties or early fifties. The age is anticipated on the basis of the years he spent in his military which is 20 years. The height and weight of the CEO have not been revealed yet.