Social Media Star & Model Faith Lianne: Who Are Her Parents? Is She Dating Someone?

Faith Lianne

Faith Lianne is a renowned model and social media influencer from America. It has not been much since her contribution to the industry with her captivating aura. 

She is quite famous for her presence on the OnlyFans page. Lianne is immensely gorgeous and that pretty face of hers is enough to sit above millions of hearts.

Her social media carries all of the people who adore and love her. Well, so is this gorgeous lady dating someone? This is the question that is articulated all over the Internet.

Well, we have got your back, but first, let us dive into her family history and origin. 

Who are Faith Lianne's Parents?

The OnlyFans star, Faith Lianne was born on December 26, 2002, making her age twenty this December in 2022. 

However, unfortunately, we do not have much detail on any of her parents or family background.

Probably, the social media star tries to keep it behind the curtains and tends to keep her personal life as low-key as possible.


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Despite these hindrances, a little piece of information has been caught up. Some sources verify that the young influencer dropped out of her studies to pursue her career in OnlyFans. 

Reports state that being a parent of such a bright daughter, both her father and mother showed disappointment in her.

This might also be the reason behind Lianne keeps details relative to her parent and family anonymous. 

The social media star did upset her parents, but now as they are retired from their jobs, she ensures to help them with every tiny bit of what she earns from OnlyFans. 

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When and Why Did the Social Media Star Join OnlyFans?

Traveling a little back in time, the social media star, Lianne, was born and raised in the United States of America. 

She did complete her basic studies there. Growing up, Lianne was a pretty smart student due to which her parents held huge expectations from her.

To pursue her higher studies, she even got a placement in one of the most prestigious universities, Harvard University.


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Lianne did retain herself there till the first semester, but all of a sudden she got decisive to quit her course amid.

She talked this out with her parents too, and when asked about the reason behind she stated how she could earn independently through OnlyFans. 

Probably this was the time when her parents got pretty disappointed in her and chose to stay out of her career choices.

Lianne moved out of her parent's house and moved in with her brother, Anthony Lianne, who has also been working as her manager.

However, by now, they might have accepted her path while relishing a sheer journey alongside. She might not be living with her parent but supports them financially in all possible ways. 

It is not just OnlyFans that she is involved in, the social media star also does work as a model for some renowned brands.

Her fans see her as both a social media star and a renowned model in the industry.

We are pretty aware that her professional history is quite accomplished, but what keeps people curious is if the young model is dating someone or not.

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Is Faith Lianne Dating?

Well, the answer to this question is a straight no. It is because Lianne has never really shared anything relevant to her dating life yet on the Internet.

There are possibilities of her dating someone but unless she verifies things on her own, nothing can be said. 

Well, the model at such a young age has grasped so much in her life, so even if she is not dating anyone, she is an independent lady who builds up a living on her own with a hefty net worth.

How much is Faith Lianne's Net Worth?

OnlyFans stars have always been speculated to earn pretty much.

So does Lianne. At a young age as such, without the support of her parent, dating anyone, all independent, and she has garnered a massive net worth of $1.5 million.

This is not really her actual net worth, but as per the reports, these are speculations.