Fatum Alford: Married or Single? Explore More About Her Husband and Children!

Fatum Alford

Fatum Alford is a popular television personality who has contributed herself to the field of media. 

The popular television personality rose to fame ever since she marked her presence on the television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).

Professionally, she kept on stepping milestones but when it came to her personal life, problems arouse and that has become an aspect of curiosity to her audience.

Let us explore and know more about the famous television personality's life, marriage, and family.

Fatum Alford’s Wiki and Age

The very beautiful, elegant, and graceful television personality Alford took her first step into this world on January 10. The television personality reportedly is 50 years old as of 2022.

Alford is not frank when it comes to the matter of her family and parents. Though little information is only known about her regarding it, they are not much clear.

Her father passed long-time ago. She made the plan to visit her father but he left his life earlier. Her mother is said to be living her life in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. She is assumed to be following the Muslim religion. 

Alford grew up in a family of six members along with four siblings including her.

Alford was really sad due to this and posted her sorrow on her social media page. She moreover posted about hoping to see her mother soon and introduce her husband and children to her.

The television personality recently rose to fame as she has been marking her presence in the RHOA season 14 which is an unscripted show. She is also more known for her very close friendship with another television personality, Shereé Whitfield.

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Fatum Alford’s Relationship Status: Married or Single?

Alford is reported to be single at the moment as it has not been long since she divorced her husband. 

She is a proud and independent single mom who has been rearing her children in the best way possible. 

The real reason behind Alford's separation from her ex-husband is yet to be disclosed. However, they were such sort of a couple who got married after knowing and dating each other for a pretty good amount of time.

However, misunderstandings could have stepped into the smooth functioning of their lives while ruining the essential chapters. 

Alford is not reported to be involved in a new relationship as she has not published or posted about it anywhere.

Despite little disclosure, there are a plethora of questions raised regarding her ex-husband.

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Fatum Alford ( Image source: Distractify )

Fatum Alford’s Ex-Husband

Alford's ex-husband is named Stephen J. Alford.

Stephen is the CEO and president of EDhear, Inc. Apart from that, her husband is a content creator, filmmaker, public relations maker, PR magician, and nutritarian.

He got remarried after getting divorced from Alford. His recent wife is named Jocelyn from Atlanta. The couple tied the knots officially on 2017.

There is not much information about Stephen after his separation from Fatum Alford. 

Let us know about the social media status and earnings of Fatum Alford.

Fatum Alford’s Social Media and Net Worth

Fatum Alford is an active user of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She seems to be pretty active on both of the platforms. The actress relishes a huge fan following in all the media she is involved in. 


A post shared by Fatum Alford (@fatumalford)

The popular television personality earns a total net worth of $800 thousand approximately annually. Alford is an example of someone who can be termed as bold and strong.

She is leading her life flamboyantly as a single mother, TV personality, and responsible individual who ensures to keep a proper balance of life.