Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas' Relationship Timeline

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

Life is indulged with a plethora of chapters. However, the most captivating portion of our life story is the one that covers the aspect of love. Uplifting that chapter of life let us have a sneak peek into one of the most beautiful love stories that cover Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as the protagonists. 

Their love story was initiated while portraying a fairy tale on stage. It all started in 2011 when they portrayed the roles of Snow White and Prince who comes to wake the princess off from her death bed in the series Once Upon A Time

A year exactly after they came up as the official couple. The on-screen romance turned into reality, and this is how their chemistry ignited the spark of love everywhere. 

By now, they have traveled miles of the journey together and are yet to set many more. So, how did this beautiful piece start off? Here's the story. 

2011: A Story That Took Off From the Set

November 2011 was the year when the couple landed their eyes on each other for the very first time. That year, they also presented at the CMA Awards while exchanging smiles of warmth. 

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (Image Source: Instagram)

Then, they were there just as the participatory aspects who had been performing the roles of a protagonist in the series and the award show. 

But little did they know that the story they started in front of the camera flashing was not meant to end there. Instead, it was going to take a whole different turn. The play on the sets of Once Upon A Time that day did end, but their story was not just meant to be of one time it was meant to last forever. 

Goodwin and Dallas started meeting and hanging out quite frequently. Rumors and speculations started evolving all around but they had spoken of nothing relative to their relationship.

2012: The Love Articulates to Public

They portrayed the whole scenario as nothing over just friendship. In April 2012, they finally stepped forward as the real Snow White and Prince Charming. Exactly on 13th April 2012, the glammed couple walked together into the red carpets.


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Likewise, they walked together into many other events while having their hands clenched together. In the same month of April, when Dallas was asked about his relationship with Goodwill, he playfully replied to People, 

It hit me like a blinding light. I thought, 'I'm in trouble now.'

October 2013: When Once Upon A Time Turned Forever

After a few years of knowing each other, the power couple struck the Internet with their engagement news. They broke the news out with immense gaiety and thrill. 

As per People magazine, they stated,

We are so thrilled to announce our engagement and can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family, including our second family at Once Upon a Time

The surprise was not over yet. After months of getting engaged, they broke off with another big news.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Expect Their First Child

Exactly after a month of them getting engaged, Dallas and Goodwin unbox the surprise of them expecting their first child. The news of Goodwin's pregnancy was also later indulged into the script of Once Upon A Time.

While going through one of the most sentimental yet sensitive phases of life, Dallas intended to shower his better half with everything she deserves. So, taking it as an opportunity he proposes to her for marriage and yes the day comes soon after.

2014: The Couple Get Married

On April 12, 2014, the couple walk down the aisle together while exchanging vows of promises and commitments to each other. They tied the knots within a close circle of friends and family.

They kept their ceremony as low-key as possible. Their dreams do not end up here as on May 29, 2014, they give birth to one of the most awaited moments of life, their first baby boy named Oliver Finlay Dallas. 

But, their journey is yet to unleash a lot more than anyone's expectations.

2015 & 2016: Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Expect Their Second Child

In November 2015, the couple break the news of they expecting their second child on the Internet. With a beautiful baby bump, Goodwin walks on the red carpet for the premiere of Zootopia alongside her husband. 

On June 1, another dream of theirs comes to reality as they welcome their second child. They named the baby boy Hugo Wilson Dallas. However, their journey does not take a pause.

Despite being a couple where both indulged heavily in work, despite being parents who have the responsibility of their children hovering around, they both ensure to not sleep in their professional life.

2017 & 2018: The Couple Attend The Oscars

With never-ending dreams and goals, Goodwin and Dallas pave their way to attending the Oscars. From attending the afterparty of the Oscars in 2013 to making it straight to their first Oscars together in 2017, they came really far.

By 2018, they also bid adieu to the reason for their love story, that is, Once Upon A Time. They finish their last episode and bid farewell to the most eminent chapters of their life after six strong seasons. 

2021 & 2022: Cherishing Moments of Life Together

These many years the journey they took off is yet going strong. So far, they have been traveling, moving, and living together. From dressing up for Halloween, spending quality time at Disneyland, to marking their eight years of togetherness, they have come a long way. Marking this beautiful day, Dallas also posted "Life is just better with you."

Looking at reminiscences of theirs over the years, the love story they have written for themselves is not less than the ones in the story books. They are an idolized couple for a reason.