Golf: Who Is Abigail van Daniel van Tonder’s Wife? Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Abigail van Tonder

Abigail Van Tonder is the beloved wife of the professional golf player, Daniel Van Tonder. She came to the news as the supportive partner of the golfer. Their relationship is considered the sweetest one by the fans. She always remains by his side during his matches.

Her husband is currently playing on the European Tour and the Sunshine Tour from South Africa. He became a professional golfer back in the year 2011 when he was barely 20 years old. His legacy has led fans curious about the personal life of his wife as well.

Who Is Daniel Van Tonder Wife Abigail Van Tonder? 

Abigal Van Tonder prefers to keep most of the information about her personal life away from the public. She is often seen with her husband providing her insights and suggestions regarding the golf course. The happy couple has been married for several years now but they have managed to keep it private.

Some online reports suggest that they have been married for seven long years. They have managed to keep most of the details of their married life hidden for now. Daniel thinks very highly of his wife and consults her before anything in his life.

Daniel and Abigail reportedly met at a coffee station in 2013. She was working on the driving range of the coffee station called Mount Edgecombe. Daniel bought a coffee from there and started a casual conversation with her. She spoke to him in English despite being African.

She was initially not interested in him at all. But she eventually liked him. They dated for a couple of years before getting engaged in 2014. Abigail began caddying for him after their engagement. Their wedding date is not made known to the public yet.

Abigail still works as her husband's caddie. The two are happy and satisfied in their married life. They do not have any children for now. Maybe, the Van Toder couple will think of expanding their family somewhere in the future. The two reside in South Africa. They are going strong and are not calling it quits anytime soon.

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Abigail Van Tonder Age

The exact date of birth of Abigal Van Tonder is still unknown. As a result, her age is also not clear. We can assume that she is at the age between 25 and 30 years old from a look at her pictures. Her husband on the other hand is 31 years old being born in the year 1991.

The two don't look too far apart when it comes to their ages. Hence, it is safe to say that Abigail is either in her late twenties or early thirties just like her husband.

Abigail Van Tonder Instagram

Her pictures are only sporadically accessible on the internet. Most of the pictures she is in are taken along with her husband. She does have an Instagram account though. It is set on private with 471 followers. It seems like Abigail loves her privacy.

She has also tagged her husband on her Instagram bio. It reads:


Hence her Instagram handle can be found but cannot be accessed. Her husband is also active on Instagram with 1305 followers. Daniel frequently posts pictures on his profile that features his beloved wife. They are clicked together going on a vacation or just hanging out together after a match.

Abigail Van Tonder Net Worth

Her husband Daniel has an estimated net worth of almost $5 million. His wife has also a hand in him being a successful golfer. But the individual net worth of Abigail alone is not known as her profession is not really clear. Her husband has won the Investec Royal Swazi Open and the Vodacom Origins of Golf in the year 2014.

He makes a lot of money through his winning tournaments and he has won many throughout his career. He has tasted victory at the Mopathi Redpath Greendor Logistics Zambia Open in the year 2019. Daniel went on to win 4 more tournaments on the Sunshine Tour in the duration of 3 months.

The couple is tight-knit and shares their wealth. We are sure Abigail is living a comfortable life along with her husband.