Howie Mandel: Childhood Friends to Walking Down the Aisle Together! Who Is His Wife?

Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is one such barrel of laughs who has the heart of all his fellow audience descending from different countries. He is a Canadian television personality, comedian, screenwriter, entrepreneur, producer, and astounding actor.

The listings of his career specifications elaborate it all. Mandel is one such versatile personality who has achieved excellence in every field he has ever stepped into. Profoundly he is known for his appearance on America's Got Talent

The way he carries the show is ineffable to put into words. His versatility has always been a topic of discussion but what else draws the attention of his viewers is things related to his personal life. 

He has recently been quenched with questions encircling his personal life background. Before we dive into the details, let us have a quick view of his brief introduction. 

Howie Mandel Wiki, Age, Illness

The dexterous personality was born on November 29, 1955, in Willowdale, Toronto, Canada. Mandel was born to parents Al Mandel and Evy Mandel. Both his parents are Polish descendants. As of 2022, his age is sixty-seven years old. 

Entrepreneurship was injected into him via genetics as his father manufactured lights and also had his hands in another manufacturing company. He did grow up under good family supervision but his childhood was not really good.

While on a trip to Florida, Mandel got infected with Myiasis, a skin condition. He did get rid of it through certain treatments, but he ended up developing another condition named OCD, a mental health illness. 

He sticks with that illness to this date and apparently, he is also colorblind. Recently, Mandel was admitted to a certain hospital for surgical procedures. 

Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel (Image Source: World Time Todays)

Academically too he had to combat pretty much all of the challenges. The actor went to William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute but was expelled as he was caught impersonating one of the prominent members of the board. 

But, he ensured that his journey does not really end there. It is because he opened up his own carpet store, and eventually also came up with his comedy club. Impersonation, the reason he was expelled, got him famous and a hefty crowd started idolizing him.

With more than a bunch of Emmy Awards and hundreds of other different awards, he showcases his colossal career. His professional flourishment has also aided him in giving his family the life he dreamt of living.

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Who Is Howie Mandel's Wife?

Mandel got married to his better half, Terry Mandel, a talent agent, and producer, in 1980. As of 2022, they are yet to mark their forty-two years of togetherness already.

The journey of love they dove in years back, still prospers and shimmers along. Entire chapters of their love story are yet to be unveiled but some significant chapters recently struck the Internet.

A few of the sources like Cheatsheet made a revelation that the couple first landed their eyes upon each other in 1967. That is when Mandel was just twelve years old. Reportedly, they met at the local YMCA situated in their hometown in Canada. 


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Years of bonding that later amplified into its purest form, marriage. Such a beautiful thread of life Howie and Terry shared together. Apart from beautiful memories, the couple also shares lovely kids together. 

They have three kids, two daughters, and one son. They have daughters, Jackie and Riley, and a son named Alex. 

Mandel is mature and has kids, but his inner child is still alive from within. In one of the interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, he made a revelation about how he still loves to pull pranks on his wife.

Years of togetherness, yet a love that never loses its spark. His purity, love, and essence flaunt on-screen and that realism of his also helps hos flourish a lot more in his professional track.

He might have aged, but his net worth has heightened accordingly.

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Howie Mandel's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Mandel has a net worth of over $60 million. These are accumulated from the accomplishments he has bagged through the entertainment industry.

His entrepreneurial success and assets are yet to be calculated. Mandel's life story overall is a complete blend of success, love, and integrity. A perfect actor, screenwriter, producer, husband, father, and whatnot.

He is an icon for a reason.