Find Out Why Hunter King Left The Show 'The Young And The Restless'.

Hunter King

Hunter Haley King known as Hunter King is an American actress who has appeared in several television soap operas and films. She is  known for her work in Masters of Hollywood Heights, The Young and the Restless, Life in Pieces, and Dexter.

She has been well known for portraying the role of Summer Newman in the Soap Opera The Young and the Restless (Y&R) for almost a decade. But seems like when the show returns back in 2022, Hunter King won’t be seen any longer in the show. Hunter King has decided to finally bid goodbye to The Young and the Restless after being a part of it for almost a decade. Find out why Hunter King left the show and what is she doing right now.

Hunter King Wiki, Age & Family

Hunter King originally named Hunter Haley King was born on 19 October 1993 in Ventura Country, California. The American actress was raised in the same place as her two other siblings Kelli King (a well-known performer) and Joey King (actress known for The Kissing Booth). She is 28 years old and soon will be in her 29 after October 2022.


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King started her professional career by guest-starring in shows like Roswell, Hannah Montana, and Workaholics. She replaced Lindsay Bushman in 2012 for the child character of Summer Newman on 15 October 2012 and played the role for quite a long time. King was referred to as Harley King in her initial days but later was referred to as Hunter King.

Hunter King In The Young And The Restless

The Young and the Restless is a legendary soap opera that started in 1973 and is still continuing. The show will be back in the spring of 2022 where we will see Kyle Abbott (played by Micheal Mealor) will be without his newly wedded wife, Summer Newman (played by Hunter King). According to the sources, the show will have a track in which we will see Kyle traveling solo to confront his mother who was assumed to be dead but turns out she’s not.

Hunter’s farewell from the show, however, doesn’t mean that the character of Summer won’t return at all. It only means that Summer Newman won’t be played by King. Sources reveal that there is a casting call for the role of Summer Newman and we will soon get a new Summer as the casting crew finds the right match.

It’s not the first time that King decided to leave the show. King, who joined the show in 2012 as an adolescent Summer had also left the show in 2016 to play the role of Clementine Hughes in ‘Life In Pieces’. She returned back to the show in 2018 but now again has decided to leave the show after the brief guest appearance as Summer in the fall of 2021.

Why did Hunter King Leave The Show?

After King decided to bid the show goodbye she has said to the media addressing her fans that the journey of The Young and the Restless has been delightful. The show was a part of her life for a decade and the decision was not very easy to make. The actress said that she realized, she had to move on to bigger things for now. The actress further added that she had an amazing time playing Summer on the show and she wouldn’t want to completely knock off the possibility of returning back to the show but for now she wanted to try other things. As she said:

“I’m in a stage of growth in my life in many ways, and at this point in time, I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing on the show, and now I feel like it’s time for me to grow in other ways.”

Though we might not see King in The Young and the Restless but she is all set to amaze her fans as a lead in Hallmark Channel’s Hidden Gems. She will be seen portraying the role of Addie. The show will start on the 4th of June, 2022 on Hallmark Channel.

Hunter King Boyfriend

The 28-year-old has had previous relationships which were known to the public but currently, the actress is very single. The actress was previously with The Young and the Restless co-actor Nico Svoboda whom she met in July 2016. The two got engaged in August 2018 and were all in love.

Hunter King and Nico Svoboda
Hunter King with her Ex-Fiance Svoboda (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, the couple called off their engagement after 2 years in 2020. They had an amicable breakup and still continue to be friends on social media. Prior to dating Svoboda. The actress was also in a relationship with Austin Hawk.

Is Hunter King Married?

No, Hunter King is not married and is still single. She was engaged to her co-actor Nico Svoboda in 2018 but the two called off their engagement in 2020 and never got married. As of now, the actress is unmarried and single. We hope she soon finds the one for her.

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Net Worth

She began her acting career at a very young age as she was featured as a child character of Summer in The Young and the Restless. Besides that, she has done plenty of shows and is doing great for herself. King’s net worth was estimated to be around $2 million some years back but looking at her success and show credits, it has definitely increased by now. She has a net worth of above $2 million.

Social Media

King is active on her social media. She uses Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her fans and the media. King has an Instagram page with 697K followers and she has 87.2K followers on her Twitter account.