Internet Sensation Diggledak: Wiki, Real Name, Net Worth, Personal Life


Diggledak is a famous content creator on TikTok. She is best known for her TikTok videos featuring herself curving her back. TikTok has become the most accessible and loved platform for Gen Z as her. She has even made a significant amount of money from TikTok.

Most of her videos have her arching her behind. These TikToks get millions of views within the course of a few hours. She is only 31 posts old on the platform as of December 2021. But she has been successful to guide the audience to her videos.

She has received 427.1k followers and 4.1 million likes on her TikTok profile so far. She is famous for her attractive physique and the way she presents herself online. The personal life of this new TikTok sensation has become a topic of interest for the youth.

Diggledak Wiki And Real Name

Diggledak is obviously not her real name. Her real name in fact is Blair but she has not revealed her surname yet. Despite being an internet sensation, she has hardly revealed anything about her family and origin. It seems like she likes her privacy.

We could make some speculation if she had an official Instagram account. Since she has not, we might have to wait for a while before she is ready to reveal anything about her life.

Diggledak Personal Life

Diggledak very likely does have a boyfriend in her life although she has not disclosed anything for now. It appears that her beau is the one who records her TikTok videos. He helps her in her work and frequently adulates her in a happy manner as seen in the videos.

In fact, her name Blair was also revealed by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was heard calling her by the name often in the videos. Although his names and pictures are not disclosed, it looks like the couple is going pretty strong in their relationship.

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Diggledak Instagram And TikTok

She made her first video on 10 September 2021. Her very first TikTok video received 29.3 million views and she went viral. There has been no looking back for Diggledak since then. She has established herself as a TikTok star in a short duration of time.

She had played a Playstation showing her back in first-ever TikTok. Most of her videos on TikTok consist of her uncovering her back. Her fans and followers are divided between her admirers and her haters. She has gotten a range of perspectives on what she does.

She has also gained mass followers on Instagram. Most of the people from the TikTok community also try to find her on Instagram. But her official Instagram has not been found so far. Her fan page has amassed many thousand followers. All the posts on her fan page feature her videos and TikToks only.

Digglemak would have way more followers if it was her official Instagram account. She has an OnlyFan account and a Twitter though, She goes by her TikTok name on all of these platforms. Her Twitter account has accumulated 65 tweets as of 2021.

Diggledak Net Worth

Her real profession has also been kept under the wraps for now. All we can estimate is her earning from TikTok alone. Someone with her fame and followers can make a hefty sum from TikTok. She makes an estimated sum between $256 and $427 per post she makes on the platform.

Her thirty posts signify that she has made somewhere between $7680 and $12,810 so far. Who knows, she might also have other sources of income such as a job or a business. She probably makes money from the subscription fee of her OnlyFan account as well.

Diggledak Age, Height, Weight

She is an energetic lady with beautiful features. She has got dimly-hued eyes and blonde hair. Diggledak is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is one of those people who has utilized their ability throughout any platform they are given.

Blair's date of birth has also been kept hidden from the public right now. She has an OnlyFan account that requires her to be at least 18 years old. We can assume that she is either in her early twenties or in her mid-twenties judging from her appearance.