Is Mina Kimes Married? Find Out About Her Personal Life And Parents

Mina Kimes

Mina Kimes is a veteran sports personality as well as an investigative reporter. She works as a senior writer and editor for ESPN at the moment. Besides, she is an NFL analyst on NFL Live as well. She is known for her successful professional as well as personal life.

She also has tenure for working in companies like Fortune and Bloomberg in the past. She is a multitalented woman who has worked both as a business journalist as well as a sports journalist. She has maintained an adorable romantic relationship despite her busy life.

Mina often comes to the spotlight for her beautiful married life with her husband. The fans root for this cute couple. They love to keep tabs on her married life and family life.


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Mina Kimes Married Life 

Mina Kimes is happily married to her husband Nick Sylvester for the last 7 years. Some sources claimed that the couple got married in the year 2015. But the official date of their marriage is in fact 19 September 2014. The happy couple organized their wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The two had made a beautiful arrangement for the special occasion. Mina wore a skin-colored off-shoulder gown as her wedding dress. She looked pretty with her hair pulled back in a bun. Her husband Nick on the other hand appeared in a black Tuxedo.

Their friends, family, and loved ones attended their wedding. The couple has been sharing great love, support, and respect for one another since their wedding. Mina seems fulfilled in her marital life. She frequently shares pictures of her family on her social media.

The couple loves to make visits to beautiful destinations all over the world. They were spotted vacationing together in Nakameguro, Tokyo in April 2016. They don't have children as of now and are busy parenting puppies as seen on their Instagram profiles.

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Meet The Husband Of Mina Kimes 

Her husband Nick is the owner of a company called Godmode. It is a record label located in New York City. He is very passionate about his company. In fact, he has the name of the company as a part of his Instagram account name. He is also the founder of a musical app called Bounce.

Nick is an intellectual genius just like his wife when it comes to academics. He has a bachelor's degree from Harvard University but his major has not been made known. Their career choices and personal interests are miles apart.


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Mina loves football more than anything. However, her husband is not into the sport. Her mother-in-law on the other hand is an avid football lover just like her. Nick is a plant enthusiast instead. They have managed to live in a harmonized manner regardless.

The couple dated for many years before finally walking down the aisle. It seems like the couple is together since 2012 from a look at her Instagram post. She has posted a picture on 28 June 2012 that features Nick on her Instagram.

Mina Kimes Ethnicity And Parents

Mina Kimes was born on 8 September in the year 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska. The names of her parents are not made available to the knowledge of the public yet. Her full name is Mina Mugal Kimes. She hails of Korean ethnicity from her mother's side and mixed ethnicity from her father's side.


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She was brought up alongside her brother Isaac Kimes. She has a niece named Quinn and a nephew named Holden from her brother. Mina seems fond of both of them. She sometimes makes posts on her Instagram about her parents without revealing many details.

Her father used to be a captain in the air force. The profession of her mother however is not clear. She seems quite close to all of her family members.

Mina Kimes Net Worth And Career

Mina is estimated to be worth almost half a million dollars. She is assumed to have $400 thousand on her hands. She is an award-winning sportscaster. She began her career as a journalist in 2007 from Fortune Small Business Magazine. 

She is a dedicated and active journalist. She has also exposed the unauthorized use of cement to repair the bone. She has won awards such as Henry R Luce Award and Larry Birger Young Business Journalist Prize

Mina Kimes Age, Height, Weight

She has got her unique Korean beauty incorporated into her appearance. She has a hint of Asian beauty along with a beautiful smile. She has an average height but the exact stat has not been made available yet. Mina has a fit physique even though her weight is not revealed.