Isabella Avila A.K.A Onlyjayus Slammed With Hate for What? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Isabella Avila

 The Internet does have both positive and negative sides. But this generation right here mostly unveils the darker yet negative sides of it. There is not a single day that passes without the headlines relative to cyberbullying or online abuse. 

The reason is unknown, but specifically, most of the tiktokers and YouTubers are found to be dragged into a drama as such. They are canceled and shamed for nothing but posting some fun content videos on YouTube,TikTok, and Instagram, and that is absolutely ridiculous. 

Isabella Avila is one of such names who has recently been targeted by some toxic netizens. But does she bother about it? Hang on to find out. Before you have an insight into the ongoing of her life, let us run our eyes through her thorough introduction. 

Isabella Avila's Wiki, Age, Family

The influencer was born on April 12, 1999. Reportedly she is a citizen of the United States of America, and she was born and brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of her parents has not necessarily been brought up on the Internet to date.

She has posted an adorable picture of hers alongside them on her Instagram story but other than that she has shared no information related to them or any of her family members. Her father has been speculated to be a businessman whereas not much is known about her father. 

Avila has posted multiple times on her TikTok stating that she did not have a good childhood as she had an abusive father. But, the reason and stories behind them are still unnarrated and unclear. 

Isabella Avila with her parents
Isabella Avila's Instagram story with her parents (Image Source: newsunzip)

Many articles stated in her biography have claimed that she descends from a joint family and follows Christianity. The influencer, who is also popularly known as Onlyjayus reportedly descends from a joint family with over eleven siblings.

Her family belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. As of 2022, Avilla is just a twenty-two-year-old youth who connects herself to millions via platforms like YouTube and TikTok. 

Academically too she is pretty stable as she completed her studies in computer applications from quite a reputed college. The influencer ended up finding comfort in sources as such and connected herself to them eventually. 

The influencer seems pretty reserved and private when it comes to talking about her personal life history in a brief. Despite the adversities, she is a dexterous yet independent young lady now who has also marked herself as a recognized media personality.

However, as she started setting milestones and reaching heights, people emerged right behind her who started throwing constant shade and comments on her. So, what is the reason behind it?

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Why is Isabella Avila Overly Hated?

All of the hate started not long ago when Avila aka Onlyjayus posted a screenshot considering it funny on her Instagram. It is not known to whom the screenshot was dedicated, but it clearly was inappropriate as she was seen being racist and using the n-word. 

People got mad at the young star because they did not expect such things to come from her. Avila is recognized for posting psychological facts and theories in her videos which were loved by many.

But, not until someone came to expose her. All of this started when she accused a black influencer of stealing her content. He later revealed that he copied it from google. 

So, here, her followers got mad for first stealing the content, and accusing the other person who is black for doing so. People were already infuriated with her n-word comment and the new drama got them mad.

That is when the entire Internet signed up for over 500k petitions against her making her the most hated content creator. However, mistakes are forgiven when apologized and she did seek a hearty apology to every person she could have mocked.

Also, let us not forget that she was really young and naive at the moment and her decisions were immature. So, these factors could be addressed to forgive her. 

The drama still goes on and hate still continues but this needs to settle down as her apology does seem really genuine. Many have already forgiven her while some are on the verge.

Apart from the drama what netizens are also interested in is her love life. 

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Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Well, yes, the young personality has been dating Mattie Westbrouck. Other than the drama mentioned above, she has not been dragged into any other sort of news.

As of 2022, she is dating Westbrouck, a renowned TikTok star. 


A post shared by MATTIE🌹 (@westbrouck)

The two post adorable pictures together. Mattie is the one who held Avila's hand during her worst times and let her encompass through all the adversities. Avila and her boyfriend have been leading a lovely life together so far. 

Despite the ugly past, she has had, she chose to apologize, seek forgiveness, and clarify her side of the story. Acknowledging all of such factors, it might not be that hard to forgive the young influencer who committed such mistakes due to immaturity.

Avila is a bright lady who does not tend to repeat her mistakes again. She was recently seen walking down for her very first YouTube event. The influencer is setting milestones day after day.

Hope that she keeps on spreading her wings this way.