Jade Thirlwall Reveals All Her Tattoos and the Meanings Behind! More on Her Boyfriend, Parents & Dating Timeline

Jade Thirlwall

Jade Amelia Thirlwall, a dexterous lady born on 26 December 1992, is an astounding singer and songwriter from America.

She has been marking prominence in this industry since quite a young age. Thirlwall has been a name of fame ever since she became a part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, Little Mix. 

Being a part of the leading girl group, she garnered immense love from people worldwide.

Apart from relishing her melodious piece from albums, people have also been drenched with certain curiosities encircling her personal life. 

Let us now endeavor an eminent chunk of her life journey inclusive of dating histories, parents, and more.

Who are Jade Thirlwall's Parents?

Thirlwall is an amazing daughter to her parents, Norma Badwi (mother), and James Thirlwall (father). Per her mother's side, her ethnicity is demonstrated as Egyptian and Yemenite, while her father's side belongs to English ethnicity.

Taking a dig into her family's professional history, her father, James, has not yet made any disclosure regarding his profession while her mother is a former school administrator.

Jade Thirlwall with her parents
Jade Thirwall with her parents (Image Source: Stylesrant)

The singer does not really descend from a background relative to the music industry, despite these, her parents have always been her support system.

They let her dream, aspire, and get her feet into anything she wished for. 

It is not just her parents with whom she built such a lovely bond, she shared an eminent chapter of life with her grandfather, Mohamed Badwi.

Thirlwall has had a family where her mother's a Christian and her father's side is Muslim, despite such gaps, she ensured to preach Christianity while visiting the Church while also attending Muslim school on Saturdays to learn and read Arabic. 

All of these clearly denote that she is not just a great singer, but also a great child to her parents. 

The singer has always had her family right beside her to cheer for her dreams and ambitions, but now what people wonder is if she has crossed her paths with her better half to stand for her the same way as her family. 

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Is Jade Thirlwall Dating?

Well, to all her fans whose heart swirls for the singer, unfortunately, she is not single. 

Thirlwall has been all smiles ever since she shared another half of her life with her boyfriend. Well, currently she is in a relationship with the Rizzle Kicks Star, Jordan Stephens. 

Jade Thirwall with her boyfriend
Jade Thirwall with her boyfriend (Source: Irish Mirror)

Their love story swirled as the Little Mix star made her first move while sliding into his DMS. Gradually, their conversation took off and a beautiful relationship of friendship turned into love.

Somewhere around in October, while in quarantine, the lovers moved in. If you are wondering who her boyfriend is then he as well is one of the biggest names in the music industry. 

Both belonging to the same field share mutual understanding and that might also be the reason behind the persistent flow in their relationship.

The girlfriend and boyfriend duo never really shy away from posting each other's adorable memories.

Especially, Thirlwall's fans are happy that she has finally crossed paths with a boyfriend as such who ensures to shower her with all the love and affection possible. 

Her boyfriend has been discussed quite often, but what more grasps the attention of her fans is the tattoos that flaunt her beauty even more.

Let us dig into the tattoos she has and also their meanings. 

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Insight into Jade Thirlwall's Tattoos & Meanings

Apart from being a fan of makeup and interesting outfits, the singer also seems to share quite a fascination with tattoos. 

As per the reports, she has six tattoos so far. 

Ribcage Tattoo

The revelation of this tattoo was made recently as she made a sexy Instagram post on which she seemed to be flaunting her crochet top.


A post shared by jade amelia thirlwall (@jadethirlwall)

However, fans were quick to notice her tattoo printed underneath. 

Her fans have been speculating that her tattoo has carried the meaning relevant to her Egyptian heritage. 

Spine Tattoo

As mentioned above, Thirlwall shared a lovely bond with her late grandfather, Mohamed Badwi.

As he belonged from an Arabic background, the singer, in his tribute went for a tattoo on her spine that reads "Anyone can achieve their dreams if they've got the courage."

Well, it is written in Arabic while making it even more special. 

Ankle Tattoo

Traveling back time, it is pretty nostalgic how Thirlwall valued her friendship over everything. She still does and the bond they share is immaculate.

Marking a beautiful memory and friendship as such, Thirlwall and three of her friends got an adorable heart tattoo printed on their ankles. 

In November 2019, she made a lovely post captioned, "Now that our friendship tattoos have healed, we are marked for life with the most amazing memories ever! Ibiza 2016 forever, you girls are my favorite girls in the world! I love you!."

The meaning behind has not really been stated by her but we can speculate that it marks the pure hearts of each of the girls. 

Foot Tattoo

On 2019, she got a henna-inspired tattoo on her foot. 

She got it there from one of her regular tattoo artists, Danny Robinson. The singer further stated how painful the journey was to her. 

Side Boob Tattoo

Again, in 2020, Thirlwall exposed another tattoo imprinted on her side boob.

It was written in Arabic and while walking through her comments section, her tattoo was speculated to state the term "queen."

Calf Tattoo

If you have been a Little Mix fan, you know this for sure.

Well, on August 19, 2011, she paved her journey with her girls as a revolutionary band in history. 

Marking her loyalty to the band, and dedicating a decade-long friendship with the girls she got a tattoo of the date mentioned above on her calf.

Conclusively, while looking up to everything Thirlwall has done in her life so far, things are pretty clear that she is not just a singer, but a human who knows the importance of a relationship, friendship, and love. 

She is an exemplary personality for a reason.

All we can wish for is her persistent relationship with her boyfriend, great bonding with her parents, and a lovely built relationship with all the people she cares for.