Jamie Foxx: Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Early Life And Personal Life

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a texas-based American singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian. Fans may be surprised to know that he has a relatively long tenure. In fact, he has been in the field back in the year 1989. He got his first role on the big screen in the 1992 movie Comedy Toys.

He is also a comedian apart from being an actor and singer. Many people might recognize him for his portrayal of Ali in the 2001 movie called Breakin' All The Rules. Jamie is an award-winning actor. He has won an Academy Award for best-supporting actor.

He has a long list of movies he has been a part of. Lately, he has written a book as well. Jamie has also bagged nineteen awards for his performances in different movie projects. His fans are eager to know about the personal life and family relationship of the multi-talented singer.


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Jamie Foxx Wiki And Early Life

Jamie Foxx was born on 13 December of the year 1967 in a place called Terell located in Texas. He was born to his parents Louise Bishop and Darell Bishop. However, they two are just limited to being his biological parents. He was adopted by Esther and Mark Talley shortly after his birth.

He prefers to go by his stage name Jamie Foxx but his real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. He has taken the surname of his birth parents. Jamile had an innate talent for playing piano and telling jokes when he was merely a child. He was educated at Terell High School. 

He was brought up by his grandparents in Texas. He was brilliant in his studies and he always received top grades. But he chose to pursue his passion for comedy. Starting from 1989, he got renowned in the field pretty soon. It didn't take him too long before he got his own show called The Jamie Foxx show.


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His comedy show ran for 5 long years from the year 1996. He has appeared in movies such as Rhe Great White Hype and Any Given Sunday. At present, Jamie is known as a veteran actor.

He has been able to gain millions of fans and well-wishers from around the world. His Instagram profile is currently at 13.5 million followers. He has left no field untouched with his book lately.

Net Worth

The net worth of the actor might surprise many of his fans. Jamie is considered one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The exact figure of his wealth has not been explicitly public by himself. However, he is assumed to be worth $150 million.

His movie Collateral grossed $217.7 million worldwide. Jamie is also one of the most sought-after actors. His hundreds of million dollars of worth are impressive and surprising at the same time. He surely has made him enough money to lead a luxurious life.

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Jamie Foxx Career

He stepped into the world of the television industry before he made it big on the big screen. He joined the cast of a sketch comedy television series called In Living Color in 1991. He was starred in 95 episodes of the series. His career grew slowly and eventually.

He was starred in the movie Collateral alongside a talented cast including Tom Cruise. The movie earned him the prestigious Academy Award. He is an established actor in the entertainment industry. Jamie has also earned a great reputation in Hollywood.


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His singing career was also an exceptional one. He has been able to deliver three studio albums successfully. Jamie also has three stand-up specials under his name. He has been conquering every field he has touched. He also was awarded the prestigious Grammy award as a singer.

Personal Life

Jamie's personal life has been subjected to the public interest. However, he tries really hard to keep these details under wrap. He has also been speculated to be gay in the past. He has also been rumored to be dating Katie Holmes. 

Some online reports suggest that they are no longer together but the solid proof is not available. Katie and Jamie reportedly started dating back in 2012. He also has two daughters: Corinne and Anelise. Corrine was born in the year 1994 whereas Anelise was born in the year 2009. Both of them are frequently seen on his Instagram posts.