Does Tracy Tutor Ex-Husband Jason Maltas Have a New Girlfriend? Married and Dating Life Explored

Tracy Tutor and Jason Maltas

Jason Maltas is a real estate agent who began working for a company called Cross Creek Development while he was still a student. Being engaged in this field for a long time, Maltas has gained board experience.

Apart from being famous for his professional work, Matlas is widely known as the ex-husband of Tracy Tutor, a Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles real estate agent. Maltas' ex-wife, Tracy, joined the cast for the 10th season, and Maltas made a few appearances on the show. Their married life was going well, but they got into the spotlight when their divorce was announced.

So, here's what you need to know about their married life, divorce, and many more.

Jason Maltas and Ex-Wife Tracy Tutor Married Life Explored

Jason Maltas was previously in a marital relationship with Tracy Tutor. Beginning with their relationship, Maltas and Tutor reportedly began dating in the early 2000s. After dating for some years, Maltas and Tutor walked down the wedding aisle in 2004 in the presence of their close ones.

Jason Maltas and Tracy Tutor
Jason Maltas and Tracy Tutor were married for 13 years ( Source: Instagram )

Being together for a long time, they went through many ups and downs. Despite all the hard times, the former pair supported each other in every step of their life. Maltas and his ex-wife are also the proud parents of two gorgeous daughters named Juliet and Scarlett.

The family of four lived happily. However, after some years, the relationship between Maltas and his ex-wife began getting sour. Due to that, both of them thought of parting away.

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Jason Maltas and Tracy Tutor Separated in 2017: Divorce and Children Custody

Jason Maltas and Tracy Tutor were together for 17 years. They shared the relationship of a husband and a wife for 13 years. According to Distractify, Maltas and Tutor went their separate ways in 2017 after filing for divorce.

Tutor has been open about the complications she faced in the lead-up to the divorce. Tracy had difficulty splitting her time between work and looking after two daughters. In the Season 10 of MDLLA, viewers knew that Tracy was one of the catalysts for their divorce. 

While talking to Just the Sip in 2010, Tracy said Maltas didn't want their name associated with a reality TV show. Opening up, she said, "He felt it was an invasion of privacy." In the same interview, Tracy admitted that the idea of getting a divorce was in the back of her mind for nearly three years. But watching herself on Season 10 of MDLLA made Tracy want to end it with Jason for good.

So, they filed for divorce in early 2018, which was in December 2018. The divorce was cited as "irreconcilable differences." After that, both of them went on their ways. Despite their separation, the former couple raises their daughters together.

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Does Jason Maltas Have a New Girlfriend?

No, Jason Maltas appears to be single. There have been no records of the real estate agent having an affair with any lady. Also, Maltas does not have much presence on social media, making it pretty challenging to know about his dating life.

As he is a real estate agent, we can say that Maltas might be focusing on his career and is busy with his work schedule. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Tracy, is in a romantic relationship with a personal trainer named Erik Anderson. They began dating in 2020.