Javon Walton & Coco Quinn Are Spotted Holding Hands! Are They Dating?

Javon Walton

Javon Walton is a famous boxer before an actor in the popular HBO series.

He is a teenage boy who got fame at such a little age because of his talents and dedication to the movie industry. He is known for his portrayal of Ashtray in the HBO series Euphoria.

His accomplishments at such a young age are beyond flamboyant. The way he has carried himself to rage up with prominence is what the actual talk of the town is.

Javon Walton started his career in movies and tv series in 2019 and had played in five movies and series till today March 2022.

Apart from a colossal career, the young teenager is also frequently questioned about having a girlfriend or dating someone. Keep on reading to grasp more on his personal life detail.

Before we glide into his personal life details, let us get a quick insight into his briefing and family background.

Who is Javon Walton? His Family & Siblings

Javon Wanna Walton is the full name of this popular actor who was born on July 22, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is currently 16 years of age by 2022.

Javon is growing up in a small family having five-member in the family. Javon Walton's father's name is DJ Walton who is professionally a boxer while his mother's name is Jessica Walton who is a housewife.

He is now, completing his high-level school at Los Angeles High School.

He has three siblings whose names are Jaden Walton, Jayla Cookie Walton, and Daelo Walton. His brothers Jaden Walton and himself are twins. 

Javon has wished his sibling multiple times on Instagram too. 

Descending from the entertainment industry, it is pretty obvious for the fans to get skeptical over the actor's dating history and personal briefing.

So, who is he dating now?

Does Javon Walton Have a Girlfriend?

Well, the actual answer to this is pretty messed up. 

There are certain portals that recently publicized a clip of him and another social media influencer, Coco Quinn, holding hands. 

Moreover, they were even spotted getting comfortable around each other as Quinn was seen sitting on his lap. 

The TikTok video went viral over time and fans raged up with multiple questions. There are multiple other clips and pictures that do justify the news of the two dating. 

Things do seem pretty obvious, but since both have kept their lips sealed to this, nothing can be confirmed. 

Even if the dating rumors about them are true, it is pretty much adorable to see two teens in love. They might be trying to work on things and amplify their relationship while keeping things low-key.

So far, none of their social media handles open up even a tiny bit of detail on their relationship. 

But, let us not stay under any assumptions unless they prefer making things public.

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Javon Walton's Net Worth

The young actor has been reaching heights since a tender age. His contributions to the entertainment industry are pretty knowledgeable and praiseworthy.

Viewing all of such aspects, we can say, that Walton, overall earns a decent amount. Several sources specify his earnings to range as more than a million dollars.

So, the young millionaire's net worth for sure is decent but the exact amount still stays a mystery. 

Sixteen and a professional accomplished youngster, is a huge thing. His handsome personality is not just the only reason behind people's admiration. 

It is his passion for both acting and boxing that reflects so well on his personality.