Henry Chase Hager Is Married for 14 Years Now! Who Is His Wife?

Henry Chase Hager

Henry Chase Hager is the son-in-law of former president George W. Bush. He is also super popular for being a businessman as well as the director of KKR Company. His professional achievement is also exceptional. However, it is his marriage to Jenna Bush that gave him media exposure more than anything else.

Henry Chase Hager was born on 10 May 1978 in a place called Richmond located in Virginia. Being born in 1978 makes him 44 years as of 2021.

Henry was brought up alongside his brother named John Vigil Hager. He has an MBA from the Darden School Of Business affiliated with the University of Virginia. He also has a degree from the Forest university located in Winston-Salem of North Carolina.

Henry has a lot of weight on his resume. He has spent six years focusing on energy and infrastructure. He was also working at Constellation Energy.

Regardless, his being in the family of the former president has made his name a household name. He cannot be found on Instagram but his wife is pretty famous on the platform.

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Henry Chase Hager's Wife Jenna Bush And Children

Henry Chase is married to Jenna Bush. Jenna is an author as well as a journalist. They first met in 2005 and immediately started dating. The couple reportedly met through a mutual friend when Henry worked for Jenna's father. 

Apparently, henry did a proposal prank after a year of dating. They finally got engaged in 2005 and it was for real this time. They tied the knot on 23 May 2008 after three years of dating. The wedding ceremony was held in the presence of 200 guests.

Their wedding was officiated by Kirbyjon Caldwell. The couple has been going pretty strong 14 years into the marriage.

They are blessed with three precious kids: Mila, Poppy, and Henry Jr. Their wedding also has an amusing story. 

Mila is 9 years old, Poppy is 6 years old whereas their little now is 3 years old. Jenna was born on 25 November in the year 1981. She has just turned 41 years old.

She is a pretty famous face on social media platforms. She has a total of 1.3 million followers on her Instagram as of the year 2022.

The family has been prospering for years and is still growing up to a certain extent. Hagar is a perfect example of a guy who knows how to stabilize his married life.

Whether it be his wife, personal life, or professional track, he has the ability to balance each aspect of life. 

Probably, that is the reason behind his staggering net worth too. 

Henry Chase Hagar's Net Worth

Henry alone is estimated to be worth almost $6 million dollars by many online sources. His annual salary is assumed to be $1 million per annum. This translates to $229,870 every single month which is pretty impressive.

His actual net worth still stays behind the curtains, but these are for the specualtions.

Looking up to his work portfolio, and accomplishments so far, it is pretty much sure that him to have his net worth range over $1 million. 

This is the figure he has earned from his varied jobs.

His net worth becomes $10 million when his wife's fortune is added. Jenna is worth $4 million from her job as a co-host of the Today's Show. Any other sources of income for the couple have not been known yet.

With a hefty net worth, a supportive wife, and an adorable family groomed alongside, Hagar relishes one of the most eminent chunks of life.