Meet Jennie Nguyen From 'The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City': Net Worth And Age Explored

Jennie Nguyen

Jennie Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American reality television star. She is best recognized for being one of the main cast members of Bravo's reality show called The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She rose to fame after being introduced in the second season of the show.

The second season premiered on 12 September 2021 with her and many others. She is one of the latest additions to the popular reality show. She is also better known for being friends with fellow coworker, Lisa Barlow. Her appearance in the show has sparked curiosity among her fans about her life.

Jennie Nguyen Wiki

Jennie Nguyen was born on 10 June 1977 in Vietnam. She is 44 years old in 2021. She was born in a Vietnamese household and was brought up with great difficulty. Her family had to escape from Vietnam due to war. Her story has got the viewers hooked. They are curious to dig deep into her past life.

She has revealed that she had to escape her home country when she was 7 years old. Her family was captured by Thai Pirates during the process. They were held in Thailand for almost two years unable to escape. They were rescued by the Christain church much later.

Her family then flew to Long Beach, California, and has been residing in the Unites states ever since. She started a number of medispas from a scratch after moving to Salt Lake City. She currently resides in the same city handling her business.

The main cast Jen Shah had to leave the show for legal reasons. Hence, Jennie is believed to be on the show to replace her. She makes the show viewers laugh out loud which has mad her fan favorite. 

Jennie Nguyen On The Realhousewives Of Salt Lake City

Fans cannot get enough of the newest star of the Real Housewives. She has already won the hearts of the viewers as a newbie. Jennie is not very hesitant to insert herself into the drama in the show. She delivers iconic lines and her family is also hilarious.

This season mostly focuses on Jen Shah and her arrest. But Jennie has managed to get her spotlight somehow. She is seen during a feud between Jen and Meredith Marks. She was originally meant to star as a friend of Lisa Barlow. But she was too good to not join the main cast.

Jennie Nguyen Personal Life, Husband, Kids

Jennie is a married woman. She has also introduced her husband Duy Tran to the show viewers. She describes her husband as a butter face humorously. She has claimed that his body is amazing whereas his face is not, The two share a special bond in their married life.

They have managed to remain tight-knit despite their differences. The show's viewers however do not appreciate her husband very much. He was seen pressuring her to have kids even though she did not want to. Jennie has revealed that she has gone through 9 miscarriages and 3 c-sections.

Having more kids in her situation would not be great for her. But Duy insists on having them. He even suggested a sister-wife to carry their child but Jennie has said no so far. Her husband is a Chiropractor and the audience expects him to understand the complications as a doctor.

Duy and Jennie already have three children together: Atlas, Triton, and Karlyn. Fans love to see these kids on screen. Karlyn has become the fan-favorite child of hers. Jennie upholds her old-school values despite being a millionaire when it comes to her family.

She encourages her kids to clean up after themselves and to do chores. She also expects them to perform exceptionally in school like any normal parent. She is a dedicated mother. In fact, she has left behind her businesses to be a stay-at-home mother full time. It was a difficult decision but she wanted to focus more on her children than her work.

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Jennie Nguyen Net Worth

Jennie Nguyen is estimated to have a fortune of $3 million alone. She has seen heights of success as an entrepreneur. She falls on the list of the richest housewives to star in the show. The fact that she started off from a scratch makes her net worth even more valuable. Bravo TV describes her as a successful businesswoman.

Social Media Reach

Jennie's fan-following has skyrocketed since her appearance on the show. Her Instagram has a total of 20.5 thousand followers at the moment. She describes herself as a proud mom and a  foodie on her Instagram bio. Her kids frequently feature on her feed.