Is Jhené Aiko Expecting Her First Baby With Her Long-Time Boyfriend?

Jhene Aiko with her boyfriend, Big Sean

Motherhood is that one feeling that matches with none. Packed with so much purity and innocence, this feeling is relished by the chosen ones. Jhené Aiko, a mesmerizing American singer has recently been reported to savoring the flavors of motherhood.

Recently, the Internet has been struck once the news regarding Aiko's pregnancy came up. The young and immensely beautiful singer has always been a person blended with perfection.

Whether it be personality, melodious vocals, body, career, or whatsoever, she has always shown up as a queen. And now when this queen is expecting to give birth to her new heir, people are screaming with excitement. 

So before we dive into this enthralling journey of hers, let us have a quick view of her wiki. 

Jhené Aiko Wiki, Age

Pondering into her life story, Aiko was born on March 16, 1988, in Los Angeles, United States of America. As of 2022, her age is 34. She was born as a daughter to Dr. Kamaro Chilombo, a respected pediatrician, and mother, Christina Yamamoto, who worked as an art teacher. 

Moreover, her family is also comprised of three of her sisters namely, Miyoko, Jamila, and Jahi. Also, she had a brother named Miyagi, who unfortunately bid adieu to the world in 2008.

He faced untimely death as Miyagi lost his battle with cancer. Traumas did pass her way but she did not let them impact her ambitions. Aiko inherited her passion for music from her elder sisters who were also a part of the 90s band some time ago. 

While following their footsteps, she paved a musical career all by herself. And to this decision of hers, her parents were fully supportive. They let their little daughter flourish the way she wished to.

And while paving the path of her flourishment, she also crossed paths with the love of her life, Big Sean. So, who is he?

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Big Sean Wiki, Age

Well, Sean was born on March 25, 1988, in Santa Monica, California. As of 2022, he is 34 years old. He was born to parents, Myra and James Anderson. 

Professionally, Sean is a rapper. He is a huge personality who garners immense love and support from people worldwide. However, this flamboyant rapper has been ruling the spotlight ever since he got together with the love of his life, Jhené Aiko.


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They are seen as the power couple of the industry. Recently, they hit the Internet while the news of them expecting their first baby together broke out.

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Is Jhené Aiko Expecting Her First Baby?

Well, if we have a small peak into her past relationship with O'Ryan, then at the point in time she had her first baby girl named, Namiko Love with him. Back then, she was young, naive, and just twenty years old. 

Namiko was born on November 19, 2008. She will be fourteen soon, as of 2022. Now, if we move on to the side of Big Sean, then yes with him, Aiko is expecting her first-ever baby. 

Aiko had not made an official revelation regarding her pregnancy. While she was walking beside her long-time boyfriend, Sean, some cameras captured the couple where the singer was seen with a lovely baby bump. 

Jhene Aiko with her baby bump
Jhene Aiko with her baby bump (Image Source: TMZ)

And this news went huge as there is a back story to it. Many years back, Sean came up with lyrics, where he wrote about losing a baby. Fans then speculated Aiko and Sean had lost a baby. 

However, this certain story was never really addressed by the couple so we can term it a rumor. However, even if the rumors hit up to be true, the couple is again pregnant while combatting the trauma.

And, this time they seem to be immensely happy and excited to be welcoming their first baby into their lives. All we hope is that both the vocal prodigies garnish their life with tremendous happiness and gaiety while welcoming a new member into their family.