Is Jim Sterling Married? A Look At The Partner, Net Worth Of The Transgender YouTuber

Jim Sterling is rumored to be married despite lacking a clear confirmation from them.
Jim Sterling
Photo: Jim Sterling Instagram

Jim Sterling is a famous English YouTuber and internet personality. The YouTuber started off as a gaming journalist. They are best recognized for their no-nonsense criticisms of the games they play and gaming companies they feel are failing to take responsibility for producing poor games.

They also openly call out various practices that are unfair to consumers and YouTubers alike. They have a total of 854k subscribers on their YouTube channel and soon heading towards a one million milestone.

Is Jim Sterling Married?

Jim has not revealed anything about their love life. However, there have been unconfirmed rumors around about their marriage. Some sources have claimed that they are married to an amazing woman whom they call their wife. Hence it is hard for now to predict if they are married or not.

Who Is The Wife Of Jim Sterling?

No picture of them with their spouse has been shared on the internet yet. Some suspect fellow star Phoenix Becky Toothill to be their unofficial wife. Pictures with Phoenix have been seen on Jim's Instagram a few times. It is entirely possible that the two are hanging out as friends only.

In the pictures, she is seen wrapped around Jim's arms. This is the reason that has led the fans to believe Phoenix to be the mysterious lady of their life.

Are They Gay Or Transgender?

Jim is transgender and prefers the "they" pronoun. They revealed being transgender via their YouTube segment called Jimquisition. The YouTuber is openly pansexual and queer. Jim came out in 2020. They are neither male nor female. They are not monogamous or straight either.


Jim is best known for their YouTube section named Jimquisition. It is a regular segment on their YouTube channel where they critique parts of the gaming industry that they see as being despicable. They have targeted Gearbox Software for their grossly misleading previews of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox Software utterly refused to take responsibility for the appalling quality of the game after it was released among the unsuspecting public. Their other famous target is Konami. They have criticized Konami for all manner of actions.

Their criticism included erasing P.T. from existence which gained them as many haters as supporters. Jim has also spoken about the game Nintendo. They have criticized it for its inability to give gamers the new Star Fox game they want. Nintendo gave them a Star Fox game they certainly didn't want instead.

There have been some incidents where indie developers try and have the criticism of their games removed from the platform. This has happened to Jim on many occasions. They have even received death threats at critics by the fans of games such as No Man's Sky and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Net Worth

Jim Sterling is considered one of the richest YouTubers by many sources. They have been listed on the most popular YouTube Star. According to many sources, their net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. The majority of this money has come from Jim's work as a game critic and pundit.

They have worked as a review editor for Destructoid and a content creator for The Escapist before embarking upon their YouTube career. At the moment, the YouTuber is working as a freelancer independently. They reportedly receive a heavy paycheck from YouTube and his other works.

YouTube And Patreon

Their YouTube channel Jim Sterling is growing continuously. This has introduced them to global fame. Jim also has a website called Patreon. The site was built by them to gather support help from their supporters. The fans can donate a small amount to the site to become a member.

The YouTuber has become famous in the world of Instagram as well. Their Instagram account @jimquistion has a total of 10.4k followers as of November 2021.